About THD – Welcome To The 2020 Top Home Design Community

Welcome to  TOP HOME DESIGN!

You will love this way to design your dream home!

About THD - Welcome To The Top Home Design Community

Hello, We would like to use the About THD section to introduce our web-space to you. If you are a homeowner, that is interested in home remodeling, and home design. Or a home decor enthusiast. You’ll love our site.

About THD …

Are You looking for ideas and help with remodeling or home design? Let us show you the best ways to home design! And your dream home. Get inspired, collect ideas, or discover trendy products.

Dive into discussions, or connect with your favorite local service professionals. Get started today!

Another thing you’ll love is the fact that you will receive additional discounts on a large variety of our store products and brands.

You will also be able to browse thousands of inspiring design photos and products.

Plus, you can save the ones that you really love right in your account, so you can share them later on the cloud.

All Started with New Clients

When Juergen founded Kuhlmann & Son Construction he needed a way to present his completed past work. Soon he created a small website in form of image galleries.

However, there was still trust to earn and grow. So he asked his passed clients if he could use the client’s e-mail address for referrals.

Because he always is trying to improve the customer experience it was obvious that a website could be more flexible and offer choices to the future prospects.

So he built K&S.  A place to browse and save beautiful home photos. Soon he realizes that many visitors were not just local natives.

So he thought, it would be a great idea to create a web space for everyone. One Space where People that are actively looking for home design ideas ...

or help with remodeling . Could engage with the right local design and construction professionals. They could also share ideas with others who have been there too. That’s why he formed THD (top-home-design.com)

Here, Service Pros from around the world can create a free service pro profile and show off their talent through beautiful project photos. All tools in the member area are free to use.

And our community has options to engage in discussions, share images and chat on their phone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community of and for homeowners, and home improvement, professionalsWe hope for growing our community across the country and even around the world. No matter if you are starting a full bathroom remodeling project or just shopping for the perfect light fixture, the THD Family of homeowners and professionals is here to help you with every step of the way. 

Our site is a great way to get ideas, discover products, and to reach out to the needed service professionals, and all that in one place.

But see for yourself!

At this point, you will probably agree with me. …That about THD should be actually saying all about THD members. Well, we feel like without any members we would have no point to be here. And we appreciate all the support that we get from our active community. Become a member of our growing community, so we can help you in all phases of your project as well.  Our goal is not only to help you to design and transform your house into your dream home. But to make the process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

Update 5/2020
We have NOW 63,405 Inspiring Home Design & Product Photos on File with our Free Cloudinery CDN.