Bathroom Remodeling Guide & How To Do It Yourself Step-By-Step

Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodeling

A master bath remodel can cost you $10,000 & more. Our bath remodeling ideas help you to cut the total cost to $5000 or less. Dive into ? my proven step-by-step bathroom remodeling guide. And find highest ROI & how to cut costs in your own bathroom remodeling project…

Congratulations you completed your Step 1 the Remodeling Process and are now ready to dive into Step 2 our step-by-step bathroom remodeling guide. If you landed here without working your way through the process I strongly recommend that you go there before you start unpacking your tools.

Because my remodeling process builds the foundation to a successful remodeling project.

How can I say that? Well let me introduce myself, I am Juergen Kuhlmann,(don’t worry about pronouncing it… lol) And I am the Owner and Operator of Kuhlmann & Son Construction. ?

Further I am a German Master Craftsman that founded the company back in 2000 and have been involved in countless remodeling and historical renovation projects.

Anyway, in my bathroom remodeling guide you will find the collection of task that are commonly take place trough out bathroom renovations and complete remodels.

Further I will share with you professional or practical bathroom makeover tips & tricks.

To you this article is the hub to all bathroom remodeling How-To’s & Tutorials. It is also a growing project that will be continued till I covered every possible task. That I include even in our smallest residential bathroom make over.

Therefor I suggest that you either subscribe to get my updates or swing by to find new completed chapters.  Further I would like to ask you, to leave a comment for any tips or questions below the articles. So that I can address those and share the additional information with other readers at the same time

With all that being said…

  Let’s get started!

Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Since we created your budget and your project scope during Step1 . We are now ready to make a few final adjustments if necessary.

Let me show you the list of tasks that are common during our bath renovations & bathroom remodeling project. You will notice that at least some if not all are in the from you developed Project Scope as well. Also if you have not done this download your free Excel-Bathroom-Remodeling Cost-Calculator Form

Rough In Work

  • Demolition
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Wall-Repairs
  • Sub-Floor Preparations

The Bathroom Installations


Acrylic-61-Inch-Faux-Copper-Clawfoot Bathtub Without-Faucet-Holes-Copper-Maries

  • How to install a tub-shower unit?
  • Installing a Clawfoot Bathtub
  • Ways to Install Tub Faucets & Filler


Black Steam Shower & Sauna DZ959-BLK-R Steam Shower & Sauna - Right Configuration

Bathroom Lighting

bathroom Lighting

  • Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

Vanity & Sinks

Bathroom Vanity & Sink are the focal point in a bathroom design

Toilet & Bidets

Bidet Update

  • How to install a Toilet like a Pro
  • Bidet Upgrade Options

Bathroom Cabinetry & Storage Organizer


  • Installing Cabinetry
  • Bathroom Organizer

The Bathrooms Finishing Touches

Good for bathrooms Perfect Bamboo Shower Bench with Storage By BamBambusi Perfect Bamboo Teak Shower Seat Bench & Storage
Good for bathrooms Perfect Bamboo Shower Bench with Storage By BamBambusi Perfect Bamboo Teak Shower Seat Bench & Storage

Material Sources:

Here Are A Few Remodeling FAQs

According to a NARI Survey Americans spent $340 billion on all home improvement projects in 2017.

Bathroom Updates are the third in line of most chosen & completed home improvement projects during 2017.

And Full Kitchen renovations as well as Kitchen Upgrades claim the places one and two on that same statistic.

Who completed the remodeling work?

· 32% of the owners did the project themselves.

· 32 percent hired a professional for the job.

· 21% hired the labor but purchased the materials.

· 14% contributed some do-it-yourself (DIY) labor.

This means that 46% of home owners are actively involved in their remodeling project.

And Here It Gets Interesting … For You!

What is the average cost of a master bathroom remodel?

According to NARI  The National Average was $30,000 in 2017

Or how much is the average cost of a adding a bathroom?

With room addition the national average was $60,000 in 2017

What Is average cost of bathroom remodel per square foot?

According to my numbers there are 3 different bathroom upgrades.

  • Small Bathroom Update – will cost about $125 / SF
  • Medium Grade update – will cost about $200 / SF
  • High End Update – can cost $250/SF and more.

As result a small bath update (8′ x 10′) can be as low as $10,000

And if you choose the high end version the same room can cost you more than $20,000

How much of my money can I recoup (ROI)?

On average ONLY up to 50% of the initial investment can be recouped!

You can find ROI information on other home improvement projects. As well as answers on most common question on the subject under Remodeling FAQ


The numbers also show that the closing rate to sell property rose by 6% if the bathroom was recently updated. And according to Realtors statement about 18% of realtor recommend to their clients to update the kitchen or bathroom before listing it

How much of a bathroom remodel is for labor?

Labor Charges ranged in 2017 from 30% to 60% depending on task.

And the Plumbing and Electrician Costs are in the upper percentage.

Why does this matter and what does this mean to you?

That means to you that you should do all you can yourself. What brings me to the next point…

The following Infograph breaks down the cost of common updates during Bathroom Remodeling.

Cost for Bathroom Updates During Remodeling
Cost for Bathroom Updates During Remodeling

This Infograph above can help to spot potential savings. I explain in a moment… so keep reading.

How To Remodel A Bathroom On A budget & Save Money?

As you probably already know, bath remodel can add a considerable amount of value and appeal to a home.

However, the initial investment of $30,000 for a total makeover or $60,000 for an additional bathroom is not always in everybody’s budget.

On the other hand, the bathroom is one of the main rooms potential buyers contemplate when deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

So you probably agree with me, that  if a  bath remodel is needed, it definitely is a wise investment in more ways than one.

As we can conclude from the statistics above

1. The  return on the initial investment (ROI ) can be up to 50% when the right choices are made.(because the property value increases)

2. And about half the cost of most remodeling projects is for the labor.

So anything you can do yourself. Meaning without any professional help is money in your pocket.

Is it worth my time to do the work myself?

In the  “Cost for Bathroom Updates During Remodeling ” Infograph above, you can find potential savings options.

Look at the tasks and simply figure about half the cost is for labor.

So, If you are skilled enough to complete the task, that could be money in your piggy bank.

On the other hand, you need to consider what your regular income is and how much time you can invest into the remodeling task.

And as we already discussed during the remodeling process it will also depend greatly on your experience and skills.

For example: You get an average project cost estimate for a turn key job of $20,000. Say half of it (50%) will be labor charges. That is $10,000.

If you complete only half of the work yourself. You can save $5,000 on the same bathroom project.

Now, based on average time investment needed to overhaul a midsize bath. You will spend about 100 hours to complete the work. So a quick calculation $5,000 : 100 = $50/hr if you are done in time. If it takes longer you make less.

So decide for yourself if it’s worth $50/hour. And if you earn much more than that, it is probably not.

However, in most cases, the remodeling labor intensity is very high.

And your saving can actually be greater.

Another important factor is the time frame (project schedule). If this is your only bathroom you would want to complete this project as quick as possible. The same holds true if you want to rent or sell your property.

Therefore striking a balance between the project duration as well as the required skills can be very challenging.

And all those factors seam clearly in favor for hiring a professional remodeling contractor.

However, there are many project tasks that require more time and less highly skilled labor. Well guess what time is money and it will cost you in form of labor charges.

And it is exactly those tasks where a little help from your end is also well worth your time investment.

Below I will point out a few of those task so you better understand what I mean.  And if you can complete those yourself, you will cushion your bath remodeling budget for the more elaborate and costly features.

Here are my favorite 6 cost saving bath remodel ideas.

Cost saving bath remodel ideas # 1 – Flooring

 The Skill Level: easy

Like in every construction /remodeling project we will start from the ground up.

Therefor my first suggestion is the flooring…. If you have old vinyl sheet flooring in your bath or some for 40 years old and outdated tile flooring here are some options.

  • Demo you can rip it out and start over fresh
  • Layover cover the old flooring up with some thing new
  • Paint it will get expensive on a good primer ($50/Gal) however it is possible on a small budget.

Bath Remodel Cost Savings Idea # 2 – Refinish Old Cabinetry

Skill Level:  medium to high

When remodeling on a budget, consider cabinet refinishing or wood veneer laminates instead of replacement, especially if the bathroom cabinets are sound and in overall good condition.

Remodeling the cabinetry you have is far less expensive than buying new, and you will not require the help of a professional. Google information on installing wood veneer laminates and read my post on cabinet refinishing.

You will discover it really is not difficult to accomplish, even for an amateur. What a great cost saving bath remodeling idea. And the money you save will be well worth the time and effort. Maybe now you can afford  the a new stone counter-top that could make such a significant difference.

Cost saving bath remodel ideas # 3 – Update Cabinet Hardware

Another Skill Level: Easy

Cabinet hardware is available in all price ranges, styles, themes, and colors. Amazingly, the look of old bathroom cabinetry can be significantly changed with the addition of new drawer and cabinet pulls.

This is a relatively low-cost alternative to change the appearance of you Vanity & bathroom cabinetry. Without investing in entirely replacing the old with brand new cabinets. And you probably already know, that you can find countless of stylish hardware options for cabinets.

Even if cabinet doors or drawers never had pull’s, they can be outfitted with brand new hardware and create a completely different look.

Knobs for drawer pulls are super easy to install. All you need is a straight edge (this can be a straight piece of  lumber) and a pencil. as well as a drill with drill-bit a little big bigger then the knob screws.

1. You remove the drawer from your cabinet or vanity

2.Mark a pencil line from the bottom left to the top right corner (diagonal ) of your drawer front. As well as from the bottom right to the top left.

3.Where these lines cross is the center of your drawer front. This is where you drill your hole from the outside of the drawer.

4.Install the knobs and re-install the drawers.

That’s all there is to it…

This easy to do task makes it one of my favorite bath remodel cost saving ideas.

If you want to use handles (2 hole  install) is gets a little more complicated.

Here I explain this installation

Pro Tip:

You can save even more on cabinet hardware. When you for example replace the hardware of all your kitchen cabinetry, modern hardware can get expensive. If you are looking at door-handles. With price tags from $3 -$9.00 each.  For a kitchen with 10, 15 or more floor-cabinets plus the wall – cabinetry.

This adds up fast. However, with a little luck you can find the same or at least something similar in look, at your local rehab store. And since someone donated those they will cost only Penny’s on the Dollar compared to you building supplier.

You can also buy them in bulk to reduce the cost as well.

Cost saving bath remodel ideas # 4 – Updating The Vanity Top & Sink

Required Skill Level: medium

Let’s Get Started

The Cost saving bath remodel idea # 5  – Tiling Bathroom or Shower Walls

Skill Level: medium

Show me How

Cost saving bath remodel ideas # 6 – Install Accessories  & Lighting

Skill Level: easy

Tell me more…

Custom Bathtub & Shower Wall Liner

If your old bathtub is affecting the appearance and the overall value of your bathroom, consider investing in a custom bathtub liner instead of costly and messy professional bathtub and tile replacement.

Although this option is not cheap, it can still be less expensive than completely removing and replacing an existing bathtub and shower wall. The finished bathtub and shower unit will look fantastic, and no one will ever guess the original bathtub and shower wall are behind a liner. (think of Re-bath)

For smaller blemishes, you could hire a professional re-finisher  That will sand out blemishes and touch up your tub’s paint. What really makes that bathtub of yours look like new again.

I have seen it done and even I was amassed by the outcome.

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