How to become an Interior Designer 1. Easy Step-By-Step Guide

If you enjoy dealing with individuals and take pleasure in the world of style and decorating, you may be thinking of how to become an interior designer. If so, here is our easy to follow step-by-step guide. To put you on the right track and mind set. .

How To Become An Interior Designere

Table of Contents

  • What is a freelance interior designer?
  • How to work as a freelance interior designer?
  • How to get licensed?
  • Why do I need a Business Licenses?
  • What is Certification?
  • Why get certified?
  • How to Get Certification?
  • What Type Degree do You need?
  • Top 10 Interior Design Schools In The USA
  • How to Create Your Portfolio?
  • Why do you need Drawing Skills?
  • Conclusion
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Your Main building blocks to become an Licensed Interior Designer are:

  • Earn a degree in interior design – I will list some options below
  • Pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification
  • Get Experience look for a Designer Office to learn hands-on
  • Build a portfolio. – Take some pro-bono-projects to build your name

What is a Freelance interior designer?

A freelance interior designer either offers independent interior design services directly to clients without working for any design Firm. As well as independent contractor,  as part of a design company.

These people are not limited to a specific Firm. However, if working directly with clients, they are  typically also not backed up by any design firm as well. The task of a freelance interior is likewise more versatile as they can select their work timing options, jobs, designing design and their own service expense.

How Become A Interior Designer Infographic Header
How Become A Interior Designer Infographic

How to Get Licensed to become an Interior Designer?

How to end up being interior designer without degree?

To be an interior designer in a domestic area, you will not require to be accredited.

In any U.S. State, you can be an interior designer without a license in any residential zoned structure.

Nevertheless, if you select to operate in a business structure the guidelines are a little various.

Florida, Luisiana, Nevada, Washington, D.C. & Puerto Rico:

If your work includes any design work for a business area in Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, you would need a license to work alone because area.

Commercial areas consist of however are not restricted to:

  • Hotels.
  • Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Office Buildings.
  • Sports Facilities.
  • Common Areas of Residential Complexes such as Apartments or Condos.

If you have actually accepted a task in any business place in the formerly discussed States and Territories, you would wish to make certain you hold the appropriate licenses or you are accompanied by somebody with the appropriate licensing.

If you plan to bring a certified expert with you on this task, you do not have be a certified interior designer.

Certified specialists that can help you with an industrial task can consist of:.

  • Architect.
  • Engineer.
  • Licensed Interior Designer.

Regardless of these policies in concerns to business homes, these states will lawfully enable unregistered interior designers to operate in property areas without guidance.

If You will likewise like to operate in any of these places, your license or the license of your expert manager represents the state that you are selecting to operate in.

Make certain if you are certified, it will be sufficient for the state.

You might even be needed to get various licenses or registrations for various locations or counties.

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All Other U.S. States:

All other U.S. States permit unlicensed interior designers to operate in both property and business areas alone and without guidance.

This indicates that you do not need to take any tests or show any accreditation to end up being an interior designer in the United States.

This does not indicate that you need to rule out ending up being licensed, signed up, and even getting a degree, simply that it is not a requirement to operate in this field.

Do You Need A Business Licenses to become an Interior Designer?

Despite the fact that you do not require to be accredited as an interior designer to work, you will still need a business license to own your own design company.

Ensure you go through the appropriate channels for your state and any state you want to design in.

How Become A Interior Designer Infographic Part1
How Become A Interior Designer Infographic

What is a Certification?

According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), you must do three things to become a certified interior designer:

Yes, you can just start getting clients and decorating spaces, but you will be set apart from the competition if you take additional steps to prove that you know what you are talking about.

Among these actions is to get licensed.

If you get accredited in interior decoration you will set yourself apart from the other interior designers in your location.

More Detail: Interior Designer Average Salary

Why Get Certified?

There is no doubt that getting accredited as an interior designer will help to distinguish you from your competitors.

Being an accredited, and signed up, interior designers will reveal to your prospective clients that you are devoted to the more technical elements of your task and have an interest in additional education in the field.

With an accreditation, you will signify to others that you are experienced about market requirements along with codes for public health, security, and well-being.

This can assist to produce self-confidence in between you and your client.

How to Get Certified?

You can get willingly signed up in interior decoration to assist your reliability in the interior decoration field.

This procedure can assist you with your profession, however it is not a fast and simple procedure. To end up being qualified, you require to get both education and real-life experience in interior design.

To get licensed in interior design, the requirements will differ by state however in basic, they all need some education and work experience prior to you take the test.


What Type Degree do You need to become an Interior Designer?

The initial step in getting licensed in interior decoration is to get your degree. Having a degree will permit you to fulfill the requirements that are needed to get approved for the test.

If you do not have a degree or the needed classes, then you will require more work experience to get approved for the tests.

You can likewise simply get a degree in interior decoration. This is not a requirement to be an interior designer, however you will have much better luck getting a task if you have a degree.

If you do not like to work for yourself, you will wish to show to your possible company that you are certified to operate in the interior decoration occupation.

A lot of companies are trying to find somebody who has a Bachelor’s Degree. This Degree does not need to be in interior design, however it would show to your future company that you can manage yourself in the field.

Another degree that would be a feasible alternative for you is an art degree. Although you do not have the interior decoration training particularly, you will still discover to have an eye for art and color. This can likewise benefit prospective companies to see.

The most crucial thing to do when you prepare to take the examination is to understand whatever that is needed. Make certain you check out the guidelines thoroughly, understand all due dates, and make certain to get all the files that are needed.

When you are set up to take the test, make certain you are prepared. You will require to pass all parts of the test in the needed time frame.

Your education will dictate what you need in terms of work experience.

For interior design, you will need one of the following combinations of work experience and education:

Education Level:Work Experience:
Bachelor or Master Degree (CIDA or Non-CIDA)3,520 Work Hours (2 Years Full Time)
Bachelor or Master Degree in ‘Other Major’3,520 Work Hours (2 Years Full Time)
Associate Degree, Certificate, or Diploma5,280 Work Hours (3 Years Full Time)

*CIDA: Council for Interior Design Accreditation


What are the top 10 Interior Design Schools In The USA?

1New York School of Interior DesignNew York, NY
2Savannah College of Art and DesignSavannah, GA
3George Washington UniversityWashington, DC
4Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburg, VA
5Parsons School of DesignNew York, NY
6Cleveland Institute of ArtCleveland, OH
7Cornell UniversityIthaca, NY
8Rhode Island School of DesignProvidence, RI
9College for Creative StudiesDetroit, MI
10Pratt InstituteBrooklyn, NY
More Info: Interior Designer Cost: Fees & Prices

Pass Your Exam:

The last thing you require to do to get licensed is to pass your accreditation test.

How to Create Your Portfolio?

Among the most essential things that you require when searching for interior decoration jobs, whether that be with a company, or simply while attempting to win new customers, is your portfolio.

No matter your education, what customers wish to see are your results. Therefore it is essential to have a professional portfolio. And most important when dealing with customers.

Your customers do not just wish to see what you can do. However, they very much want to see if your design style and matches their ideas. If they like what they see in your portfolio, they are likely not to worry if you have a degree in interior decoration or not.

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Why you need Drawing Skills?

You will likewise need to practice your illustration abilities so that you can show  your concepts to your customers. If drawing is not your strong suit opt for a  Home Design Software.

Having a degree or some type of education in art can aid with this.

If you are able to sketch out what you believe your customer will need. Then this can be a quick way to share your vision for their area. This will likewise enable you both to discuss the design. What as a result makes it easier to design a space to everybody’s delight.

The majority of effective designers are focused on a specific niche. They might design only in one design style


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Here are a couple of fields you might focus on:

  • Business Design.
  • hospitality (hotels).
  • healthcare (healthcare facilities and medical centers).
  • business and organization areas.
  • Residential Design.
  • house interiors. – green living (dealing with environment-friendly products).

Conclusion on how to become an Interior Designer:

Despite the fact that there are not any genuine requirements when it comes to having a degree or accreditation in interior decoration, you would be much better off getting these things.

You should know that there may be some local variations in form and terms.

And you should make certain that you are following any of these requirements if you strive to own your own interior design business.

After reading and digesting all of the above information you should ask yourself …

If the Interior Designer trade is really right for you?

Because let’s be honest here, schools can teach you the in and outs, the facts and how to run your business and so on.

However, first and foremost you should have a natural hang and understanding for art, design, decor, and these subjects.

At the very least you should have some sort of artistic talent to have a shot at becoming a successful Interior Designer. Especially if you belong to the 13% of males.

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