European Farmhouse Design Compare USA, Germany and England

Just to prove a point…  The farmhouse decorating and Design Style has friends around the world  🙂

European Farmhouse Design Kitchen Germany - Bauernhaus Kueche
European Farmhouse Design Kitchen Germany – Bauernhaus Kueche more kitchen decor

From what I remember the difference is more in the details.  And you probably agree that the looks a very much alike …

However, there are others … that will just plain blow you away…

Keep reading and let me place ideas into your mind for something big…

When I at first stepped into this room, my eye was immediately drawn to the fireplace in the center of the area!  And I was totally thrilled when I discovered it was a real, antique piece that was repurposed for this location!

To give you a better feel for the scale of this place, think of the Builtmore House in North Carolina. Or imagine tailored doors flanking the fireplace with 10 ′ heights!

this fireplace has the right dimensions
This fireplace has the right dimensions

Such a grand location! In interior design, the scale is so vital, particularly when you have a huge space like this one! Whatever you place into it better is oversized so it does not get lost!  🙂

They preferred this home to feel casual, comfortable, and lived in. Every detail was completely selected consisting of natural, vernacular items throughout to produce an attractive, substantial masterpiece

Country Kitchen with Wood Island
US Country Kitchen with Wood Island
European Farmhouse Design Kitchen
European Farmhouse Design Kitchen
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European modern Farmhouse kitchen with a set of antique scales on the counter

Even more the revealing a dynamic touch of prestige, this kitchen customizes the farmhouse visual. Producing the cabinets to appear like though 2 antique hutches were become the design is such a unique, stunning addition of the past.

Milk Can For Flower Arrangements
Milk Can in German Decor
Colonial Tin Works 530042 CTW Metal Milk Pitcher Rustic Farmhouse Decor, Steel, 12-inch Height, one size, Galvanized Silver
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Deco Milk Can
USA Decor Milk Can
german farmhouse bathroom - European Farmhouse Design
German Farmhouse Design bathroom – click for more farmhouse bathroom ideas

Further, consisting of open shelving and glass front doors with the more basic kitchen area cabinets causes a useful design style that will stand the test of time.

European farmhouse design style Bedroom & Bedding
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Further more, the oversized island created sheer joy and the big lighting is totally proportioned for the impressive location.

And the combination of counter tops  of stone and wood is such an excellent idea & contrast. The entire area is the perfect mix of antique rustic and prestige!

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