9-Best Generic Home Decor Ideas for decorating a home

Generic home decor can round up your place but let me caution you to use stuff that really means something to you
Patterned pouf, wooden chair and table on carpet in modern flat interior with settee against the wall with posters

Generic home decor can round up your place but let me caution you to use stuff that really means something to you

Today we will be discussing the best ways to include generic home decorations in your home decor… I remember when we moved into our first own apartment, we were nothing but a couple of half broke kids buying anything and everything we could find that we could afford. The main goal was to make our new place look more home-like, even if that meant buying the wrong decor. You might recall yourself you thankful we accepted any handy downs from the kitchen table to sofa cushions.

Boat Kits like the one above may not be around for too long anymore. Kids nowadays do not have the attention span anymore that it would take to complete such project,

Should we buy the vintage metal Key hanger on the flee market? Yes, we absolutely should! What about the enormous oil painting of a coastal scene from dad? We can hang it behind the couch in the living room!

We gradually attempted to correct this beginner’s mistake in decorating our homes by switching out generic pieces with decor that felt more personal and unique.

Here are a few of our preferred “design” products that offer guests a look into our who we are and our story.

Get rid of your generic home pieces and replace them with something more personal like these designs.

  • Essential DIY Home Pieces
  • Framed first Baby socks.
  • Keepsake pieces from journeys.
  • A framed special Key
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This must be a very important key if it is framed that nicely for display. You could collect old keys like the one above . Or use keys from previous homes as momentum. Framed images from unique places or occasions.

Framed Photos of my wedding venue that I took while checking out the grounds this fall.

A selection of glass decanters that we have gathered throughout different thrifting trips together!

Candle in beach sand with seastar
Generic home deor diy candle project

This Nautical – Style – DIY candle arrangement brings back memories from your past beach-trip including the sand , shells and sea-star. And it will fit in any home decor.

Of course, we are not saying that every bit of home decor needs to have a story attached to it. That would be exhausting, and frankly somewhat unattainable. There is nothing wrong with buying a new piece of art just because you like the way it looks! We think that that is just as meaningful as the pieces with a bit of your history.

But we do advise that you practice mindfulness when searching for new home decor items. And rather than arbitrarily filling your spaces with stuff, we encourage you to decorate every room of your home with intention and purpose. When you decorate with intention, your spaces feel more inviting and open and less like a catalog. It is important to choose things that evoke meaning or emotion from YOU, rather than buying up Website picks.

Generic Home Decor
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A generic basket or filmstrips from the photo booth make some nice generic home decor with a meaning behind it.


Do be fooled, we are not perfect and have been known to select a few goodies from a few fan-favorite home decor stores. However, we have found that the more we fill our spaces with meaningful pieces, the more we enjoy our homes! As it is important to select decor with purpose, it is important to adorn your entire home with a purpose. Because of this, we have adopted a motto – “less generic, more meaningful”.

Was this article helpful? What are your Generic home decor pieces? What changes will you make to your place? Feel free to share your comments. And should you have any questions I would love to address those as well.

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