How To Plan Your 2020 Halloween Activities Based on Covid19 Risk Level?

With the emerging full moon, a blue moon, plus an extra hour because of daylight savings time on Saturday Oct 31– Halloween 2020 will really be one to remember. However, much has changed this year and we need to on guard … Since our love for the enjoyable scares, and the enjoyment of Halloween is strong as ever.

So, let’s release our Halloween motivation– to commemorate the season in safe, enjoyable, unanticipated methods! Here are some 2020 Halloween Activities based on COV19 Risk Level

Use the map below to establish the COVID risk level in your community. Then celebrate safely by selecting one of the activities below and adhering to the Halloween Safety guidelines in alignment with the CDC social distancing recommendations

And here you find the recommended Halloween Activities Based on Risk Zone.

Stay save these Holidays and enjoy some of these tips….