Effortless 57 DIY Projects For Iconic Fall Decor In 2021

Effortless 57 DIY Projects For Iconic Fall Decor In 2020
Fall decorations

This we share with you 7 DIY Projects For Iconic Fall Decor. Including all the tutorials, supplies, and tools needed to craft your own Fall Pieces. Decoration supplies, and tools for our Fall these projects here mostly come with free Ship FREE!

  — And you know what? You do not even have to leave your home to do so. I added links to the DIY project instructions, as well as some sales for your convenience. Below is a great example…

Use Cozy Blankets in New Ways

Helen Norman

Betcha never ever thought about utilizing those comfortable blankets for this function! 2 tartan appeals turn this back deck table into a masterpiece. (The huge wreath definitely does not hurt either.). SHOP TARTAN BLANKETS

Before I continue with the fall decorations, I like to give thank to all of you. And for the so freely shared fall decoration & Ideas. I also added a few products and fall decor ideas from around the web to the mix and hope that you all love this collection as much as I do.

Also, would it be great if you all send me your ideas or your last year’s Christmas decorating highlights. To give me materials for a Christmas decoration guide or post for all of us. Remember, it’s only two months out from today 😉

With all that being said, let’s get started with the fall decorating ideas for 2019 …

What You Might Need:

Decorate for less this Fall with these low-cost and simple fall decoration concepts. There are fall decorations for center pieces , candle lights, wreaths, and focal points. Further you can find home made garlands, wall art and a lot more!

Low Cost Fall Decoration & DIY Tutorials:

Follow this link and get tutorials to make professional looking center pieces, wreaths, candle holder, and more. Easy Fall Decor Project Tutorials that take 5-10 minutes for $5 or less

How to prepare your Materials:

In case you don’t know how to keep pumpkins, leaves, acorns, etc from rotting and maintain them for decorating. I attached links to a few short articles at the bottom of this post. So you can prepare your own materials and don’t need to buy those as well.


I attached some sources for that as well.

Liven up Your Dining Room With a Fun Centerpiece

Who discusses severe focal points that need to be set up for unique occasions and trips? This one can be left on your table all season wish for simply a little additional seasonal appeal.


Fall DIY Fall Centerpiece with Rustic Lanterns and Gourds

Iconic Fall Decor

The highlight of this arrangement is a paper mache pumpkin flanked by two lanterns. Fall leaves fill in the nooks and crannies of this large woven harvest basket. The soft blue of the lanterns stands out amongst the warm hues of the leaves. This arrangement will look good on your autumn table but would work on your sideboard as well.
The DIY Project Details: Click Here Or The Image

The highlight of this arrangement is a pumpkin between the two lanterns. Fall leaves fill in the nooks and crannies of this large woven harvest basket. The soft blue of the lanterns stands out amongst the warm hues of the leaves. This arrangement will look good on your autumn table but would work on your sideboard as well.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Candlelit Wooden Runner Box

Fall decoration center piece
DIY Project Details: theidearoom.net

Pillar candles and berries fill this rich wooden box for a delightful centerpiece perfect for the fall. The box is long and narrow, making it a great fit for any dining table or a fireplace mantle. White candles and pumpkins nestle into a base of Spanish moss, surrounded by winding vines of white and red berries

Whether you’re establishing substantial dinner event table settings or just a simple end table dressing, have a look at this gallery of 27 spectacular DIY fall centerpieces that are ensured to impress.

Place Gourds in Your Kitchen

Helen Norman

Place Gourds in Your Kitchen There’s absolutely nothing simpler than filling a basket with some ornamental gourds. Here, they turn an otherwise standard (nonetheless stunning!) kitchen into a pleased, seasonal retreat

Consist Of a Scotch Pillow


Simply one pillow makes all the distinction in this autumnal vignette. Turn your entranceway into an authentic fall sanctuary with a splash of plaid. SHOP SCOTTS MEN PLAID PILLOWS

Give Your Seating Some Character

Brian Woodcock

Deal remarkable chairs an even homier feel by popping off the seats and utilizing a staple-gun to cover them with old sweatshirt parts. Leading them off with foam craft balls covered in yarn, and you’ll never ever wish to get up from the table ever once again SHOP FOAM CRAFT BALLS

Doll up Every Single Corner and Cranny

fall decorating ideas spice box vases

When paired with plaids and stripes, this reading nook’s subtle pops of cinnamon produce substantial fall vibes. As temperature levels start to drop, expect this to be the most popular indoor hangout location of the season.


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Enliven Your Fall Flower Display

fall decorating ideas dark tapered candles

Invite the season and pursue a number of fall-colored classic food tins the next time you go antiquing. For containers on the taller side, fill with extreme, big buds (like these Sanguisorba cones) to establish an easy and simple centerpiece. When it pertains to smaller sized tins, keep the look casual with a looser strategy.SHOP VINTAGE TINS

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Check Out Dark Candle Combos

Moody candle light tones– like deep velours, plentiful greens, and even jet blacks– will right away enhance any area in your home, particularly when you toss smooth gold candle holders into the mix. Do not think twice to mix and match with fall colors too.


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fall decorating ideas colorful rug
Aaron Colussi

Revamp Your Kitchen Floor

No matter your cooking location size or coloring, a warm carpet can incredibly consist of more measurement– and help cool down the area. This numerous colored, Oriental runner loads such a vibrant punch that you can even leave it on display screen year-round, if you’re so most likely..



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Alter Your Upholstery

fall decorating ideas dining room upholstery
Annie Schlechter

Put your favored product to exceptional use with matching patterned pillows and seat cushions, that include some much-needed drama without overdoing it. We’re similarly liking the loops and hooks used to keep the gorgeous bench devices firmly kept in area along the back wall.


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Freak for Plaid

fall decorating ideas plaid tablescape

Prior to your dinner event visitors embed to a hearty harvest banquet, offer the total seasonal treatment with all-plaid-everything table trimmings. Stock the spread with overlapping layers of mismatched plaid garlands, then reinforce the design with matching patterned napkins. Take it one action much more and leading each porcelain plate with fabric-covered 3-inch embroidery hoops.


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Promote Some Cool Color Contrast

fall decorating ideas white table runner

Recondition an all-wood dining-room table setup with a light table runner– and may every fall dinner feel just as unwinding as the next.


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Green Color With Wallpaper

fall decorating ideas greenery wallpaper
Jane Ussher

Consist of natural elements and bring the outdoors in with an earthy wallpaper. This forest-green print reconditions a lovable cooking location corner, nevertheless you can transfer the specific very same look in your toilet or entryway.


Get Crafty With Your Table Fixtures

Brian Woodcock

You simply need a number of timeless spindles of different heights, wool yarn, and some staying knitting needles to recreate this extremely unique centerpiece strategy.


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Create a Sleeping Space to Hibernate

fall decorating ideas spool centerpieces

Modification your bed space into an exceptionally peaceful nook. This Oregon homeowner stacked plaid pillows, blankets, and a soft headboard in her sleeping location (that’s just 10 feet broad!).

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Assembled Gourds for a Simple Centerpiece.

fall decorating ideas



No requirement to overdo it with your tablescape, particularly if you have stressful walls like this homeowner. Simply position different sizes of fall veggies on the dining-room table for a subtle (and essentially complimentary) centerpiece. Subtle (and practically free) centerpiece.

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Arrange Fall Flowers

fall decorating ideas dining room

Brian Woodcock

A vintage trophy Establish Fall Flowers. A timeless reward is a finest base for this amazing display screen. Use dahlias, ranunculus, and foraged clippings from your yard to establish this strategy that would look perfect on your mantel. Perfect on your mantel.


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Caramel Kitchen Color

fall decorating ideas caramel

Perhaps a caramel-colored cooking location will affect you to make some fall handles! This mouth watering shade, consisted of here through vintage containers, consists of a touch of heat to this cooking location.


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Unwinding Up Your Dining Room Table

fall decorating ideas kitchen
Brian Woodcock

The simple addition of blankets, pillows, and a cushioned bench will make everyone dream to gather round the table long after the food is gone. SHOP BLANKETS

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Create a Display

fall decorating ideas leaf arrangement
Tara Donne

The owners of this renovated New Hampshire farmhouse added fall flair to their dining room table (for free!) by creatinga centerpiece with some leaves and branches and then styling them in a simple Glass Vase.


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Arrange Some Sprays.

Brian Woodcock

Definitely absolutely nothing specifies harvest season like wheat sheaves. Use ’em to fill cloches and after that arrange them on your mantel, dining table, or entryway to produce your truly own autumnal strategy.


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Add a Plaid Blanket

William Waldron

Right away consist of heat to your bed space with a plaid blanket consisting of red, orange, and golden tones.


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Hang Window Wreaths

Christopher Shane

Dress up doors, windows, an empty nook, or bare wall with a cheerful wreath. Pieces consisting of apples, cobs of corn, or autumnal flowers will breathe some seasonal life into your location..


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Function For Fall Foods and Finds

This rustic white kitchen loads autumnal appeal thanks to a bounty of recently chosen fall gifts  (apples, flowers, and squash) onto the screen
Lincoln Barbour

This rustic white kitchen loads autumnal appeal thanks to a bounty of recently chosen fall gifts  (apples, flowers, and squash) onto the screen

Golden yellowpainted chairs likewise offer this neutral kitchen some pleasant warmth.


Accessorize a Farmhouse Table with Iconic Fall Decor

Courtesy of Shabby Fur Blog

fall artwork

Use an antique pitcher as a vase to hold faux wheat. Add neutral-colored pumpkins at the base of the pitcher to complete the look. Get the tutorial at Shabby Fur Blog.


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Courtesy of Lolly Jane Create Chalkboard Artwork

Absolutely nothing states back-to-school season like a blackboard! Make up an innovative piece for your entrance or a bare wall by including a motivating message any old board. If you do not have lying around in the house, you can change any old frame into a canvas in simply seconds with blackboard spray paint.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.


Use a Pumpkin as a Centerpiece Vase

Thanks to A Pumpkin and A Princess

Yes, you can utilize genuine pumpkins as vases– simply make certain you get all of the seeds out! real pumpkins as vases—just make sure you get all of the seeds out!

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and A Princess.


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Dress Up Your Mantel With Banners

Courtesy of Ella Claire Inspired

Who states you just need to hang one banner throughout your mantle? Including numerous, consisting of ones that have various textures or patterns, provides the location additional measurement.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire Inspired.


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Mix Rustic Fall Accessories

Courtesy of A Night Owl Blog

If you already have rustic elements throughout your home, These will work great with your existing fall decorations. Get the tutorial at A Night Owl Blog.


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Iconic Fall Decor For Dinner Table Display

Iconic Fall Decor For Dinner Table Display
Courtesy of Cherished Bliss

Place white pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, and fallen leaves on a tray to create a portable centerpiece. When your dining room table isn’t in use, move the tray to a fireplace or entryway table.

Get the tutorial at Cherished Bliss.

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Repurpose Your Keeps

Carter Berg Hospitality Bar

This hospitality bar boasts a light made from a vintage treasure. The river rock sink (from Hunter Bee, an antique emporium), further reflects the owners’ love of natural things. Repurpose your own handmade skep as a light fixture, accent piece, or even a garden accessory.


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Add a Blanket

Iconic Fall Decor For Dinner Table Display

Courtesy of Stone Gable Blog Add a Rocking Chair

A plaid blanket and a basket full of pumpkins? All that’s missing from this autumnal scene is a steaming pumpkin-spiced latte.

See more at Stone Gable Blog.

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Lumberjack Wallpaper

Carter Berg Lumberjack Wallpaper

Log-inspired wallpaper is a cozy welcome to all, especially in cooler months. Log on and purchase a roll or two of your very own Lumberjack wallpaper by Andrew Martin.


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No Carving Needed

Iconic Fall Decor For Dinner Table Display  Courtesy of On Sutton Place
Courtesy of On Sutton Place

By either painting or adding a lace doily over the stem, the pumpkin becomes a bright focal where ever it is.

Building A Fall Woodland Frame

 Courtesy of On Sutton Place
Courtesy of On Sutton Place

Ann from On Sutton Place DIY ed her way to a woodland-themed frame that’s complete with moss, acorns, and pine cones. You can follow her lead and fill it with a Chalk Board, or a family photo. Get the tutorial at On Sutton Place.

Craft Dinner Table Accessories

White dishes, DIY napkin rings, and branches with berries combine to make a fall-themed dinner table. Get the tutorial at The Wood Grain Cottage. 45 of 77

Front Door Fall Decor

Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

A crafty wreath made out of wood slices and twigs decorate a front door now add a couple of pumpkins and you get a great fall entrance. Get the tutorial at Thistlewood Farms.

Crafts For Kids – Inside & Out

Courtesy of Just a Girl

Keep your kids busy collecting the right fallen leaves from your backyard. After you prepped them let your kids create beautiful art work. Get the tutorial at Just a Girl.

Mix And Match

David A. Land

Add a little color with something from the garden. Like this oak-leaf cluster and a bowl of white “Baby” Pumpkins.

Because More Is Just … More

David A. Land
David A. Land

Sometimes, you just need more! This front porch in Connecticut goes all out, a giant wreath, plus an assortment of gourds, even cozy blankets to complete the picture.

Attraction To Red

Lincoln Barbour

This porch has red/orange everywhere: the barn-style doors, throw pillows, the flowers and even the rug has a stripe. If you’re afraid of red this cozy place is not for you. The best thing is that all works so good together that you don’t need the Fall Season to make this decor work

Pumpkins Pop

 Lincoln Barbour
Lincoln Barbour

A subtle anouncement will do: Two small white pumpkins on an entryway table greed guests with a tender touch of fall.

Still need rewriting / spinn

Lincoln Barbour Switch Out Pillows

You can quickly transform the feeling of a room by trading out pillows. Opt for plaids and strips with deep hues to add a more autumnal vibe. 52 of 77

Decorate With Corn Husks

Christopher Shane Decorate With Corn Husks

Add seasonal curb appeal with these easy DIYs.

For the garland: Cut a piece of œ-inch jute rope to your desired length (add a few extra inches to get the drapey effect at the top) and attach corn husks and silks with a hot-glue gun. (You can also use tamale wrappers.)

For the wreath: Start with a flat-wire 18-inch frame. Hot-glue corn husks (roughly 18) and corncobs (roughly 9) in an alternating pattern. Fray the ends of the corn husks to add more dimension. 53 of 77

The Rustic Room

Quentin Bacon Create a Rustic Room

French leather club chairs from Wyatt Childs, plus a pair of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofas, serve up plenty of cozy seating in this Georgia lake house. 54 of 77

Offer Creative Seating

Country Living Staff

A gymnastics pommel horse, with its legs shortened, serves as a bench in a mudroom. The seasonal wreath hangs on a framed chalkboard.


Include Autumnal Colors In You Iconic Fall Decor

 Include Autumnal Colors  In You Iconic Fall Decor

Aimee Herring

Wicker pieces, accented with burnt-orange accessories, offer seating on this glassed-in porch. The off-white urn is a TJ Maxx score. 56 of 77

Lara Resen Add Vintage Details

The owner of this New Jersey home displays fall foliage in transferware atop a 19th-century mahogany dresser in her dining room. 57 of 77

Mikkel Vang Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Country Willow throws and a wire basket filled with firewood adorn this front porch. 58 of 77

Alison Goottee Add Foliage to Pumpkins

Hit the road, Jack! Carved pumpkins don’t hold a candle to this naturally brilliant idea. Just use ModPodge to dĂ©coupage a white gourd with pressed leaves. You can harvest the foliage from your own backyard.

Miki Duisterhof Arrange Crabapple Branches

The best thing about this sort of autumnal display? There’s absolutely no arranging involved. Liza Lubell of Brooklyn’s Peartree Flowers simply stripped the leaves from each limb before putting it in a vase. “This treatment highlights the prettiest feature of the plant—its fruit,” she explains. Group several different-size vases for even greater visual payoff. You can also try figs or chestnuts. 60 of 77

Max Kim-Bee Stow Firewood

The owners of this Pennsylvania home removed the cabinet doors underneath the window seats to create a clever spot to stash logs for the wood stove.

fall decorating ideas living room

Max Kim-Bee Stow Firewood

The owners of this Pennsylvania home removed the cabinet doors underneath the window seats to create a clever spot to stash logs for the wood stove. 60 of 77

Paint Patterned Pumpkins

Country Living Staff

You can create all of these nifty designs using acrylic paint and painter’s tape.

For a two-tone, dipped look, bisect a pumpkin with a strip of tape (angle the tape for a diagonal effect). Use a foam brush to cover one section of your pumpkin with two coats of acrylic paint, allowing 30 minutes of drying time per coat. Remove the tape and discard it. Stop there, or repeat the steps to add another color to your pumpkin.

To form chevron stripes—whether two or tons—link short strips of tape to make the zigzag patterns, using our photo as a guide. Use a foam brush to cover your pumpkin with two coats of acrylic paint, allowing 30 minutes of drying time per coat. Remove the tape and discard it. Clean up the edges with a cotton swab if necessary. If you’d like the second color to be different than natural pumpkin orange, fill in using a small paintbrush and contrasting acrylic paint, as we did for the black-and-white pumpkin.

Keep a Cabin Porch Cozy

screened porch
Bjorn Wallander

The homeowners of this Tennessee cabin enjoy watching the leaves change on their screened porch, outfitted with a Frontgate wicker sofa, a pair of antique beach chairs, and a woven trunk turned coffee table. The rug is from Pottery Barn. 62 of 77

Try an Asian Pear Arrangement


Quentin Bacon

“Cut or buy these beautiful branches long,” Liza Lubell of Brooklyn’s Peartree Flowers says, then balance their heft with an equally sizable container. Start by placing your tallest cuttings in the middle, and fan out with the shorter ones from there. An ideal home for such a striking setup: a low piece of furniture, like a chest or bench. You can also try olives or forsythia. 63 of 77

Amp Up the Entryway


Aimee Herring

The owner of this Adirondack-style home lined her mudroom using color copies of seven antique bird prints bought for $7 each, making boots and brightly colored jackets pop against the wall. 64 of 77

Add Natural Elements


Dana Gallagher

The owners of this Vermont home used oak leaf stems, crabapple branches, and a few pumpkins as a quick way to bring fall indoors. 65 of 77

Cozy Up with Throws


Jonny Valiant

The owners of this Michigan cabin utilize their screened-in porch during colder months by keeping an array of cushy pillows and warm blankets within reach. 66 of 77

Create a Pomegranate Centerpiece


Quentin Bacon

“Ripe fruit is as lush as any flower,” says Liza Lubell of Brooklyn’s Peartree Flowers, who used opulent pomegranates for these autumnal centerpieces. Cut each branch to a height that allows its heavy fruits to rest on the rim of your vase. Then fill in with inexpensive foliage, such as the purple shiso leaves here. 67 of 77


Aimee Herring Warm a Room

A roaring fire takes center stage in the living room of this New Hampshire home, furnished with a nubby cream sofa and white slipcovered chairs, both from Crate & Barrel. 68 of 77

Make Tree-Branch Coasters

leaf coasters

Kate Mathis

To make these rustic drink perches, you’ll need a tree limb that’s roughly three inches in diameter. Saw the branch into slices about 3/4-inch thick—or have a hardware store do it for you—and lightly sand each wood disk. Create the leaf motifs shown by pressing an inked stamp onto each coaster. Let dry for five minutes, then coat the stamped side with a protective matte finishing spray. Allow 15 minutes of drying time before using.

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Set Out Pride of Place Pumpkins

fall pumpkins

Burcu Avsar

Let revelers know they’re at the right address by emblazoning your house number—and hometown—on pumpkins. First, you’ll need number stickers, as well as a decal in the shape of your state . Use Fiskar’s star punch to mark your location on the state decal. Apply it to one pumpkin, and the numbers to another, then use a foam brush to cover both pumpkins with two coats of acrylic paint, allowing 30 minutes of drying time per coat. Remove the decals and discard them. If you’d like the numbers or state to be a different color than natural pumpkin orange, fill in using a small paintbrush and contrasting acrylic paint, as we did for the green-and-white pumpkin.


Dress Your Door with an Autumn Wreath

birch bark leaf wreath

Mikkel Vang

Birch bark is the key to these autumn “leaves.” You’ll need twenty-four 6 3/4″W x 20 1/2″L sheets of birch bark, a 20-inch-diameter foam wreath form, and 45 small wooden cubes to act as risers. First, print and cut out our oak- and maple-leaf templates. Trace 75 assorted leaves onto the birch-bark sheets, and cut out. Varying the leaf type, hot-glue 30 leaves onto the wreath form. Then, hot-glue a wooden cube onto the back of each remaining leaf. Using our photo as a guide, hot-glue the cube-backed leaves atop the original leaves. SHOP WREATH FORMS

Leaf Art


Country Living Staff

Instead of framing pressed foliage, place leaves on card stock. Then affix leaves with spray mount and tack these naturally good-looking pinups into place.

Get the tutorial. 72 of 77

Decor Doesn’t Have to Be Orange


Courtesy of Thoughts From Alice

Blogger Alice created a door adornment made of Indian corn to balance out the graphic tribal-print textiles below.

See more at Thoughts From Alice. 73 of 77

Think Long-Term


Courtesy of Adventures in Decorating

The best part about this fall mantel? Its simple, colorful components make it an appropriate display for September, October, and November.

Get the tutorial at Adventures in Decorating. 74 of 77



Getty Images

A walkway lined with an eclectic assortment of pumpkins sets the tone for fall decor. 75 of 77

Fall Gourds Display

pumpkin display

Matthew Benson

You may have a jack-o’-lantern on the porch, but these beauties from the Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, Illinois, take the Cucurbita to new heights—especially when elevated on cake stands, a nod to their eventual conversion to a holiday treat. 76 of 77

Keep It Wrapped Up & Warm



When cooler weather sets in, keep blankets, throws, and quilts in easy reach. “I store stacks of them all around the house,” says New York designer Tricia Foley, who admits to living in an older home with drafty fireplaces. Find throws with different textures and colors for a bit of visual variety. “Toss a blanket in a room to warm a home—and you—in less than a minute,” Foley says.


More Resources:

As promised here are the links to a few short Article that explain to you how to prepare and maintain pumpkins, leaves, acorns, and so on for decorating.

Tools You Might Need

  • Scissors yours most likely will do
  • Wire cutters for the floral-arrangements. The cheapest is to get a pair of wire cutters at Dollar Tree.
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint. I have been told that Walmart sells small acrylic paint spray cans for like $0.50. However, you will most likely need larger ones if you do a few projects.
  • Small paint or sponge brush. I usually get mine a Dollar Tree. If you plan on various decor pieces it may be better buy a variety pack like this one from Amazon. That will give you the ideal brush for most projects.
  • Glue Gun most folks prefer this small one from Amazon, it comes with the first glue sticks. You can get a similar model at a comparable price at Walmart.

103 DIY Fall Decor Ideas and Tutorials – Create Cheap Fall Decor Pieces in Minutes