1 Simple Tip on Installing a Shower Curtain For Beginners

Installing a Shower Curtain

You are probably wondering what could possibly go wrong with installing a shower curtain? Discovering the best height for your shower curtain can be harder than you may believe! Ask yourself this, does your shower curtain look like you’re expecting a flood? If yours is a bit on the shorter side, then you should keep reading and find an easy way to fix this. So your bathroom no longer will feel like something is “off”.

A Standard Length Shower Curtain Can't Hide its Short comings
Installing a Shower Curtain with a standard length Can’t Hide its Short comings

Growing up in a home without a shower curtain, I had no idea that the length could greatly impact the entire space! No, we were not simply showering without any cover, it was just that all of our showers had glass doors on them, so we never needed a curtain to hang outside of our showers. Our house was not massive or fancy, we just happened to have showers with glass doors instead of curtains. The only time I experienced shower curtains were in hotels and dorm rooms that had dark drapes, and they were very creepy!

After moving into our home, I had no option but to sign up with Team Shower Curtain. To admit that I was a novice on this team was the understatement of the year. I purchased a plain, white shower curtain with a liner and assumed that I was finished. Ever since I have been constantly motivated to upgrade to an extra-large shower curtain so that the drape isn’t “flood length”. Shower curtains that hang higher and reach the floor give the impression that the ceilings are higher. Flood length is NOT the ideal height for your shower curtains.

The Ideal Height for your Shower Curtains

I just recently caved and traded our basic shower curtaining for an XL drape and liner and, wow, was it the right decision! Now, this is the perfect length for your shower curtain, so you are going to want to make sure the length is around 72 inches long. Not only does it better complement your shower, but it also adds height to your bathroom.

Make certain that shower curtain is going to reach down to the floor by getting a particularly long curtain! You can find a great one at Bed, Bath & Beyond, or any other home and bath store. Even better, there are so many to select from online, not only from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Nearly all online locations that offer shower drapes have online extra-large choices, so you can be sure that there is one that fits the décor in your bathroom.

A72 inches long Shower Curtain looks much more balanced
Installing a Shower Curtain that is 72 inches long looks much more balanced

When you finally get the right size shower curtain for your bathroom, you will be amazed! It is going to completely change the perspective of the room and add just the right touch. Once it is hung up you will see just what your bathroom has been missing. The difference is going to be astounding and you are going to be so glad that you made the switch.

The ceilings will seem higher, the curtain won’t be an awkward flood length, and the entire appearance simply appears more complete and polished. I loved it and you will too! Even those who are anti-curtain, pro-glass are going to be talking about what a distinction the brand-new shower curtain makes.


Even though I am still not 100% sold on Installing a Shower Curtain, dealing with one certainly became a little simpler. Fortunately, there is a window in my shower so there is a great deal of light that shines through and the shower curtain isn’t as dark and frightening as the hotels and dorm rooms of the past. With the right length, your shower curtain can open up the look of your bathroom and add a bit of elegance.

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