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Let there be light… Find Light Fixtures for your Home.
We supply lighting solutions for any area of your home.
Choose from our extensive design collection of light fixtures and ceiling fans.

And here is just one example:

Line holder Crystal Chandelier Lighting will just fit your room perfectly

☛Elegant design, multilevel and extra crystals will decorate and light up your room.
☛The crystals are just clear and twinkling and have a subtle bit of color that softens the light.
You can get a very different look depending on the color of light you use.
You can choose warm white or daylight white G9 bulbs which might give different effects and cast different patterns on the ceiling.
☛All attachments plus extra crystals and mounting hardware were provided, ready to install and good to go.

Here is more detail on how to install the  Crystal Chandelier Lighting

☛Firstly, fix the cross bracket on the ceiling.
☛Secondly, install the bulb holder and wire up accordingly.
☛Thirdly, fix the lamp plate on the cross bracket.
☛Lastly, Hang the crystal strings on the hook of the lamp plate. You can hang the crystal strings according to their length
(It will take some patience and time to do this. The reason why we don’t hang the crystal strings in advance is for a better package to avoid damage during the transition)

Lightfixture from Lifeholder :Mini-Chandelier-Crystal

Material: Crystal
Size: 8.66 x 8.66 x 10.4 inches
Voltage: 120 volts
Lamp holder: G9 base (Bulbs NOT Included)
Power Source: Corded-electric
Wattage: 40 watts
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Color: Silver

☛The Chandelier would be better to be installed by Professional Electrician.
☛Please cut off power supply when you clean the light or replace light bulbs.
☛The surface of the lamp plate and the electric Wire should avoid scratching when mounting, also the electric insulation gloves must be worn when installing.
Chandelier Size: 10.4 inches high and 8.66 inches wide.

  • Suggested Room Size: 5×8 (Please note the chandelier size before order)
  • Comfortable Glow: 120V 40watts; Bulb base: G9. (*Bulbs Not Included* You need to get 2*G9 Led Bulbs depending on the lighting effects you want).
  • Compact Design: Sparkling acrylic crystals which have a glass touch and feeling make it uneasy to break and could create a superior and classy atmosphere in your room
  • Easy Installation: Assembly required(include hanging the crystal strings to the silver plate), but easy to install and all mounting hardware and a detailed mounting instructional manual included.
  • Worry-Free Guarantee: Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any quality issue or you are not happy with your purchase(90 Days Money Back and 2 Years Replacement Warranty).

Other Light Fixtures Option Are

Illuminating your bath space is great method to get enjoyment from the overall alleviation and efficiency of your restroom, bath, and vanity area.

On prime of that, excellent lighting can keep you and your children safe and secure whereas using the bath space through the day and additional so in the course of the night time.

A perfectly lit bath space can likewise be a terrific sign merely how a lot you worth that location in your very own house.

Whether you acknowledge this or not, the bath space is the most common a part of the house that you simply go to each single day earlier than start and surface your day.

Excellent bathroom lighting can be accomplished when properly using the exact mix of parts.

The sort of light fixtures in addition carries out a massive position in lighting. Selecting the very best mix of those components is vital. By using a specific layer of lighting for every area of the bath room space.

As a factor for a successful bathroom design the light fixtures  location is crucial. Therefor, it’s vital that appropriate components are provided. And that is done best with the focus on excellent light fixtures.

Every area should be clear and dynamicly adequate for users.

Whether you are bathing, using the restroom, soaking within the tub, or utilizing cosmetics, light fixtures should be put in place for maximum outcome.

For that reason, earlier than thinking about of embellishing your bath space with various components, focus initially on lighting.

For example the vanity area is the very first area of the bath room that desires a lot of Light. And therefore, you should consider that when selecting the proper set of wall sconces.

It’s due to the fact that the vanity area might be the correct location to groom your self in front of the mirror.

The light fixtures you should choose should not be too dim or too glossy.

For a lovely effect and optimal lighting, wall scones can located on both sides of the mirror.

So you are able to style your hair the proper ways, nevertheless you might likewise perfectly use makeup. Or safely shave your face.

Recessed lights are normally utilized for brightening the shower unit or bath tub.

As well as the toilet area. These light fixtures should be properly angled to guarantee that appropriate amounts of moderate light is dispersed.

For the shower, you should utilize low voltage light fixtures that are safe and developed to withstand water and moister.

On top of that, integrating dimmer switches in your lights can include splendor and calming atmosphere to your Bathroom lighting.

Wall Sconces – Perform 3 needed functions important to effective from door lighting.

Initially, they develop fundamental lighting for pedestrian round structures and outside structures. Typical lighting should present to allow folks to plainly distinguish in between items and choose ranges specifically.

Wall installed lighting furthermore carries out the function of accent lighting.

Because lots of wall installed components function very geometric and ornamental styles. They contribute really efficiently to the basic visual of practically any building.

Security lighting – though most continually completed with panorama floodlights.

Furthermore, trusts to some extend on wall installed components.

Wall mounted flood lights on the corners and sides of huge structures can produce a big protection for criminal mischief. By saving significant entry elements plainly seen to security workers and video cameras constantly.

When used in a sufficient percentages, these 3 aspects of wall installed lighting will work jointly to produce a boundary of lighting round any building.  And that in turn creates a much safer environment and a higher overall visual for the premises.

A Spartan approach is the absolute best technique on the topic of putting in wall installed luminaries for typical lighting.

Opposite to the common misconception, the human eye does not need a great deal of light to see plainly at night.

Commercial Light Fixtures

Scientific research study have proven that exact varieties of mild are far much less needed than the power to see main shapes.

So you will need sufficient light to separate between items and shadows. As we as to determine and exact range or distance.

Main fluorescent wall packs are normally all that’s needed to produce a reasonable, glare free amount of light around most structures.

Fluorescent wall installed lighting offers a variety of cost effective benefits over incandescent and halogen light fixtures.

Fluorescent will last for a lot longer time and don’t replaced all the times.

In addition they usage far much less energy and might be left on all through the night at substantially reduction costs of operation.

Sq. and round brick and action lights are best luminaires to cheer up staircases and partitions round from doors yards and building entryways.

Directional accent lights with exceptionally ornamental component styles are in addition when specific lighting outcomes are preferred.

Or when more precise lighting varieties around secure buildings are required.

You will find high quality service lighting corporations that present a big option of sq. and round wall installed lights.

That are outstanding for a panorama and course lighting around public services, hospitals, churches, and the city center.

If additional extreme varieties are needed, you could use larger, additional strong component.

Because these components will existing a evident noticeable even to the casual audience, it is necessary to make usage of most likely the most ornamental luminaries possible.

The additional improved components particular aluminum manufacture with a great deal of high-end options to match the colors of the building.

Triple axis directional management that allows Spot Lights to be pointed in any path.

In great variety of situations, wall installed lights play a vital function in security lighting.

This is particularly real within the commercial group, the commercial structures are extremely large and have a variety of entry aspects that need to be secured and controlled.

Every one of those entry aspects represents some level of vulnerability whether it is obscured by shadows. Plus the safety

for employees moving along the plant requires sufficient lighting as well.