Best 3 Ways To Replace Over-The-Door Hooks and Mirrors

So, today we are going to dive into ways of replacing over-the-door hooks and mirrors. I agree … it seems strange, maybe even tacky, but trust me there is a space and time even for these genius innovations!

  • A proper time? While you are in college or renting an apartment.A proper place?
  • In your college dorm room or rented space.

If you are currently in one of these phases in your life, then you are fine in utilizing an over-the-door hook or mirror.

over the door hook mirror
over-the-door hook mirror

You are making the right decision because nobody is trying to lose their security deposit because of scratched-up and damaged walls. However, if you are not a college student or a renter, you should be keeping an eye out for a better, more elegant option in contrast to these functional pieces.

Over-the-door Hook Replacements

Anybody who has dealt with an over-the-door piece understands how frustrating they can be when you’re struggling to close the door. Not even mentioning the marks and scratches they can leave on your door or the door casing.

We are not trying to be melodramatic because we do understand that this issue isn’t the worst possible situation; however, we do believe that dropping the over-the-door hooks for a long-term, more elegant service is much more worth it.

Switching out your over-the-door hook for a permanent hook will be far less irritating, yet just as practical. Try finding a unique, handmade hook that is simple and functional – Etsy is a great place to find distinctive pieces. Discovering a hook that is shallow enough and will not reach the wall behind it is very important to keep it from triggering other problems.

A great use for your new and improved hooks is hanging up the outfit that you plan on wearing the next day! You will get great use out of your hook and your guests will never even see it because the door is keeping it out of sight! Bonus, closing the door for extra privacy is the easiest it has ever been because you don’t have to worry about fidgeting or fussing with the over-the-door hook.

wood Hooks to screw on door easily replace over-The-Door Hooks

Adding an extra hook is a great idea if your little ones or more than one child sharing a bedroom. We believe adding two hooks at different levels might work just as well! How fun would it be to have a hook that has the first initial of each child’s name on them, so they know where to hang their outfits, jackets, and towels?

Speaking of towels, having a hook for the towels you use in your bathroom can be incredibly helpful and a great way to keep things tidy!  and Casey even has one in her visitor space.

bend Wood Hanger replace Over-The-Door Hooks
bend Wood Hanger replace Over-The-Door Hooks

For such an inexpensive piece that’s so simple to set up, it feels ridiculous not to include them into each space for a bit of additional storage. Although it might be little, this little life hack can make a huge difference!

Pro Tip:

For those of you who might be a little worried to start drilling holes in the door, including a hook to the wall behind the door can be just as effective! You can try this in your bedroom, a nursery, your bathroom, even in your mudroom for a towel to dry off the dog after a messy walk!

Over-the-door Mirror Replacements.

Similar to over-the-door hooks, over-the-door mirrors are best for college students and those renting an apartment. However, we believe that developing a more permanent option in your own home provides a useful, yet still very elegant, option. There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from when deciding a new mirror for your room. Make sure to consider the other significant pieces and décor styles within the space.

Best Ways To Use Over-The-Door Hooks and Mirrors
Best Ways To Use Over-The-Door Hooks and Mirrors

Do not get us wrong, the over-the-door mirrors have evolved quite a bit since our college dorm days. However, we do not enjoy the hooks you see from the opposite side of the door. And like we previously pointed out, we do not take any pleasure in the fight to attempt to close the door when these pieces are connected. It creates unnecessary hassle and frustration by making a turning a simple task into a tedious project.

Still, looking for an inconspicuous and space-saving option? Try hanging a mirror on the wall behind the door! This is a perfect solution because it still gives you easy access to using a full-length mirror. Additionally, it’s still concealed so you can’t see it, and it doesn’t mess with you when you are trying to open or close the door. If you ask us, it seems like a winning combination of elegance, ease, and functionality!


It is understandably difficult to find a spot for a full-length mirror, especially if you are dealing with a smaller space. That is why the behind-the-door spot mentioned above is such a genius idea! You can choose a very practical and simple mirror that works within any space and quickly fasten it to the wall. It will make the room look bigger and let you check your outfit with one last glance before you head out for the day! A few great places to find a good mirror – IKEA, Home Goods, and Amazon!

The single thing I would keep in mind is that it is necessary to discover a mirror that isn’t too thick. Choosing a mirror that sticks out too far from the wall can result in a nightmare, or at the very least, a nuisance. If the mirror is too thick, your doorknob is going to hit it every time you open the door too quickly or forcefully. Stick with a thinner mirror that fits well behind the door without getting knocked by the doorknob. This way you can avoid any damage to your new mirror and the potential of breaking it.

Like the door hook, we believe this hidden solution can make such a distinctive change in your daily life without disrupting the door’s function or having hooks popping out on the opposite side of the door.

If you’re a homeowner aiming to update your over-the-door hooks or mirrors, it is best to consider some simple, inexpensive choices! Struggling with the door to close is enough of an issue to make the switch! So stop dealing with your annoying and unsightly over-the-door hooks and mirrors and upgrade to a functional, elegant piece that elevates your space.

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