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If you ever wondered what the difference between a chiller and a Refrigerator is keep on reading…

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In case you ever wondered, what exactly is the difference  between a Chillers and a Refrigerator  …

A Chiller cools down liquids only to a temperature level of 7 to – 1-degree Celsius.

A Fridge, on the other hand, removes ambient temperature from its content to about 3 to 5-degree Celsius.

Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

And also just to complete the checklist a Freezer cools down anything to around -20 to – 35-degree Celsius by drawing out the heat of the product.

A large selection of cooler and refrigerator alternatives are available to you, such as Ge, iso, and also RoHS.

You could also select from air cooler, display cooler, and also fridge freezers. As well as from double-temperature or single-temperature equipment.

Either way, you will like our selection!

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