Derens Anti Vibration Pads Review| GE Vibration Isolation Pads WX17X10001

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Read our derens anti vibration pads review. GE WX17X10001 bring peace & quiet to the laundry room. ? General Electric Neoprene Vibration Isolation Pads

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Read our Derens anti vibration pads review for the GE WX17X10001 &


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Anti Vibration Rubber Pads for Washer

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What is Neoprene rubber?

First of all it is a highly resistant material. And it is used in industrial applications. You can find it as the foot buffer of Machinery.  As well as a large variety of outdoor and marine applications.

DuPont introduced the Neoprene rubber (Polychloroprene) around 1931. And Polychloroprene itdelf is a product created by the polymerization of Chloroprene.



 Anti Vibration Rubber Pads for Washer

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Our Derens Anti Vibration Pads Review proofs that the characteristics of the Neoprene rubber are:

  • resists degradation
  • Vibration Isolation

Therefore the Derens Anti Vibration Pads are like long lasting As well as helpful in bringing peace and quiet to your laundry room.

Not only will the GE Vibration Isolation Pads help to reduce the washer & dryer noise. But even more prevent vibrating machines from “walking” & scratching your floors.

GE Vibration Isolation Pads Specifications:

  • Package  Contains 4 Neoprene Vibration Isolation Pads.
  • Pads Work with most brands of washers and dryers.
  • They also work on any type floor surface.
  • Best Products to reduce vibration.
  • Additionally protects your floor.
  • Recessed area to secure level legs.
  • Bottom treads grip the floor.
  • Can be used on second level installation (Stack).



(i.e. checking each washer foot when in spin cycle and lowering until movement is minimized)! *-

Please Note that results and performance will vary. And depend on your situation. For example the type of flooring. The size and balance of the load. As well as the machine level.

Please check our customer reviews here

Derens Anti Vibration Pads Review Conclusion:

You will receive on completion of your order. A full set of 4 pieces of ?? Premium “heavy duty” Derens WX17X10001 Washer and Dryer Anti-Vibration Pads in Black


And if correctly installation you can enjoy:

  • Very good vibration & sound absorbing abilities.
  • Best reduction  of friction – to prevent walking.
  • Hard rubber – to make machine more stable.
  • Perfectly sized – will fit most model and make.
  • No compromise in any machine performance.
  • Works for top or front load washer.
  • Is safe to use on all types of floors if solid & sound.


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