Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style & Space-Saving Steel Stand

$ 129.95

$ 89.97 – Get you a Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style, space-saving steel stand & carrying case. Watch the effortless assembly Video & find all accessories and product options in one place.

This makes this Brazilian style hammock perfect for camping, beach trips, and your smaller backyard.

Hammock bed is 63 x 94-Inch, with a total length of 130-Inch; accommodates two adults, 450-Pound capacity
9-Foot stand is constructed of heavy duty steel and assembles in minutes without any tools

Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Stars

4637 Customer Rating with:

  • 80% 5 Star
  • 12% 4 Star

Best Sellers Rank # 57 in Patio Lawn & Garden

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Top Home Design Presents: Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style

$ 129.97 (as of May 22, 2020, 7:28 pm) & FREE Shipping. Please Check the Details!

The Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Includes a double hammock, space-saving 9′ heavy duty steel stand and carrying case. This makes this Brazilian style hammock perfect for camping, beach trips, and your smaller backyard.

According to the Manufacturers and Suppliers I can provide following information, However I want to inform you that I did not have the opportunity to test this product. And therefor this information can not be verified by me.

Either Way In my opinion you could enjoy the outdoors comfortably and in style on the colorful Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20.

As the name Vivere (Latin = be alive/ feel alive) already states you will feel great using this product!

The Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 comes with a carrying case, stand and tropical fabric.

Also the Vivere can be the perfect addition in your backyard as well.

Up to now you maybe could not enjoy reading a book, taking a snooze or having a little romance in a Hammock.

But know with its space saving stand you have the freedom to stand up your double hammock Vivere at any location and no longer rely on finding the perfect set of trees. 😉

So set up your hammock anywhere you prefer either single or with  your other Patio Furniture.

The hammock stand is constructed of a heavy duty steel frame.

Therefore this Hammock could be used on balconies, decks, small backyards, and small patios.

You could also keep the conveniently packed system in the trunk of your car for your weekend trips or visits to the park.

To set up the Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 is as easy as unfolding a lawn chair.

You won’t need any tools to set up your Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style Space-Saving Steel Stand.

Therefor you have the freedom to stand up your Hammock literally anywhere.

This Vivere hammock’s material features a 100 percent colorfast cotton in a bright, multi-colored design that will not fade in sunlight or wash-out during washes.


The Manufactorer’s statement is:

“Vivere Ltd is your source for hammocks, outdoor seating options, and accessories. We work hard to make sure you can relax and experience a balanced lifestyle. To learn more about the Vivere Ltd culture and our vision for a relaxing future”


According to the Companies website the product itself is produced in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and ships worldwide.

What sort a surprise me.Because Amazon states clearly on their site that this product currently only ships within the USA. However, it may be possible to order from my Canadian or European Branches. Otherwise just use the company link above and talk to them.

“Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.
For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.”


Speaking of WARRANTY Here Is the  Download Link (PDF)

The Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9-20 gives you flexibility.

And with it you do not need to travel to far away places. You can actually find your peace of mind and deserved relaxation right on your back-porch.

Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style

Because you can keep your in its own carrying case for easy access to where ever you like to travel!

So if you are looking for a high style but jet affordable outdoor furnishings the Vivere is for you.

You’ll love the spirited designs and brilliant colors.

And the deep colored multi-thread fabric is superior in durability as well.

The colorful design should fit into most of any backyard design styles. And you can choose colors to match your other Patio Furniture.

The handy but durable carrying case is made of polyester and has strong and comfortable handles to ensure an easy and safe transport.

The hammock has a generous 450-lb capacity to suit one or two adults and multiple children but I guess you will have to take turns. 🙂

The length is spacious enough for most adults.

And the order would include all needed hardware.

Hammock bed is 63 x 94-Inch, with a total  length of 130-Inches what should be plenty sufficient for two adults. If you however a rather large person you might need to pay attention to the maximum supported weight limit of 450-Pound capacity. I think they cut that a little close myself. 🙂

The Unit assembles almost effortless within minutes and without any tools.

Now you can enjoy the freedom to set up your hammock in any convenient location. Because with the vivere combo you no longer rely on two perfect trees.

Further these hammock combos have plastic caps trim to at each end of the steel tubing to create a soft finish. That will also prevent scratches and sliding on your deck or patio.

You Could take this hammock with stand combo camping or to the beach to create a comfy spot for relaxation when you’re outdoors. It features a space-saving design that fits easily in compact spaces, such as small patios.

Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style Fits easily into small patios

The strong frame is constructed of sturdy and durable heavy-duty steel and has an attractive charcoal finish.

Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style with Stand Combo Features:

  • Includes heavy duty steel stand and double hammock in tropical style
  • Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Stand length: 108″
  • Stand weight: 35 lbs
  • Includes polyester carrying case
  • Stand color: charcoal
  • Powder coated steel finish
  • Hammock material: colorfast cotton
  • Hammock with stand combo accommodates 2 adults
  • All Hardware included
  • Very little Assembly required
  • Heavy duty space-saving design
  • Perfect for beach-trip or camping as well as at home
  • Effortless to set up and take down
  • Vivere hammock are perfect to use on smaller patios or backyards
  • Color: multi-colored stripe (Tropical Style)

How long will it take to assemble?

As you can see in the Video below. The first time it will take about 10 minutes. Because about 4 minutes to unpack are included.


Vivere uhsdo9 20 Product Options:

A) Is made of 100% breathable cotton, this Brazilian style hammock has a tight weave that gives you superior comfort. The colorfully striped cotton fabric allows you to snuggle in and create a sensation that takes you away.

The cotton hammock will last for years, especially if you bring it in indoors when not in use or during inclement weather. To clean this cotton hammock, hand wash in cold water (do not soak) using non-bleach detergent.

Bed measures 63 x 94 inches, for a total length of 130 inches. Accommodates up to two adults (450 lbs).

B)This Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style is made of woven polyester fabric that provides fade-resistant saturated color. The soft, yet durable fabric provides years of enjoyment.

This hammock resists mildew and rot. It’s easy to clean – simply sponge off with a mild solution of soap and water, rinse, and let dry outdoors.

Bed measures 63 x 94 inches, for a total length of 130 inches. Accommodates up to two adults (450 lbs).


This one is made of highly weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric, this Brazilian style hammock will outlast every season. It is as comfortable as cotton, creating the perfect refuge for an afternoon snuggle. The dyes permeate the fabric, right down to the core, bringing you year after year of vibrant color. It’s also stain resistant, so spills are easily cleaned up.

The Sunbrella hammock resists mildew, rot, chlorine, and atmospheric chemicals. It’s easy to clean – use mild soap with lukewarm water, rinse, and air dry.

Bed measures 54 x 95 inches, for a total length of 144 inches. Accommodates up to two adults (450 lbs).


The Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style Color Choices Are Depending On The Material


Here I give you a list of Vivere uhsdo9 20 Accessories:

Wheel Kit

Vivere uhsdo9-20 Wheel Kit


Buy Model: Wheel. ($30) NOW

A great addition to help move your hammock stand with ease as you follow the sun or shade throughout the day, or if you need to mow your lawn. The heavy duty wheels attach in minutes with 2 bolts and 2 nuts. Wheels measure 6 inches in diameter x 1.5 inches wide. Includes powder-coated steel clamp plus two zinc-coated bolts and nuts.

Double Hook Set

Vivere Hook Kit Accessory

Buy The Hook Kit Now. ($20)

Vivere’s plate hooks are designed to install on a ceiling, veranda, pergola, or gazebo. Securely fasten the hooks using the 8 included 1-1/2 inch wood screws in support beams that will be able to handle a load of at least 250 pounds (please consult an engineer if you are unclear about the load bearing potential of a post or beam). Zinc-coated hardware with poly-resin anchors.


Tree Straps

Vivere Tree Straps Accessory


These tree huggers are a great complement for your hammock. At 10 feet long, they will wrap around any tree and help position your hammock to the perfect height. These straps are made of heavy duty weather resistant nylon and come with all the hanging hardware to help attach any style of hammock. Sold as a 2 pack, including 2 S-hooks.


Chain Hanging Set

Vivere Chain Set V Accessory


This chain hanging kit is a safe and easy way to hang your hammock from trees or wooden posts. Each item in the kit is zinc coated to withstand the elements of nature. Includes 2 eye bolts with hooks, 2 pieces of chain (with 14 links each), and 2 S-hooks.

Hammock Q & A

Q. What is all this Hammock Hype about?

A hammock resembles a bed. It is a furniture piece utilized by an individual for rest and relaxation. The distinction in between them is the reality that a bed generally features a frame formed like a rectangular shape below a bed mattress.

A hammock is bed that is hanging or suspended in the air connected in between assistances like 2 trees comprised of heavy netting or a canvas. The essential concern stays whether all hammocks no matter the product utilized for weaving can offer the exact same level of convenience.

Q. How Do I Know What Type Of Hammock To Buy?

A. There are usually 3 kinds of hammocks. These are particularly called material, Mayan and rope design hammocks. A couple of these kinds appropriate for either indoor or outside usage.

The other can just be utilized inside while the other just great if it is utilized outdoors. By having the ability to figure out precisely where the hammock will be set up, the individual will have the ability to make the ideal choice of what kind of hammock to buy.

Q. How Can I Be Sure The Hammock I Buy Will Fit Within My Budget?

A. As mentioned earlier, there are 3 types of hammocks. The price of the hammock one wishes to purchase will greatly depend on the type of material used.

The price of the material used dictates the price of the kind of hammock one wants to buy and if one has limited budget, one won’t be able to buy the hammock made out of the best material since it is expensive.

However if one is rich and money is no object, then that person will not have a problem picking the most expensive and luxurious hammock available.

Q. How Can I Tell If The Hammock Will Support My Weight?

A. Again, this goes to the kind of product utilized. A material hammock is constructed of thick rope and can take a whipping of approximately 450 pounds.

A hammock constructed out of canvas can just accommodate 50 to 200 pounds. due to the fact that of the closed weaving. A Mayan design hammock is really delicate and can just hold less than 100 pounds.

Q. How Can I Tell When My Hammock Needs Maitenance?

A. The strength of the hammock depends on the product utilized in making it. A material hammock constructed out of thick rope as discussed prior to needs heavy upkeep considering that it is prone to moderate or dew particularly in a relatively damp environment.

A canvas on the other hand since of its product is really long lasting and therefore needs little upkeep.

A Mayan hammock resembles a material hammock in the sense that it is really delicate and can tear quickly which would need high upkeep in keeping this type of hammock fit.

Q. Which Hammocks Are OKAY To Swing Or Rock In?

A. The product utilized in making a hammock makes it either heavy or light-weight. Material hammocks are weaved by hand and are typically made from heavy product making it an obstacle to move from one location to another. Canvas hammocks are lighter given that water bounces of the product making it simple to transfer. Mayan hammocks like Canvas are likewise light-weight making it simple to move.

Q. How Can I Tell What Hammocks Are Comfortable?

A. Fabric hammocks are created with little areas in between them. The behind to this is that it does not comply with ones body and there is typically an imprint noticeable in ones back when one leaves the hammock.

Canvas hammocks on the other hand do not leave any imprints. The only disadvantage is that this too does not adhere to ones body throughout usage.

The most comfy hammock of the 3 is Mayan considering that this kind of hammock complies with the shape of anybody who utilizes it.

What Past Customer Had To Say About Double Hammock Vivere uhsdo9 20 Tropical Style


Customer Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Stars

A Total of 4637 Customer Ratings:

  • 80% 5 Start
  • 12% 4 Star Rating

Best Sellers Rank # 57 in Patio Lawn & Garden


Christian and Kelly
5.0 out of 5 stars


Color: Tropical with Charcoal Frame|Style Name: Cotton

I received this as a housewarming gift from my best friend and let me tell you… it’s a life changer. I’m over the weight limit and me, and my dogs have laid in this things for hours, it didn’t break. I had around 600 pounds in this thing… didn’t break.

We tried our that “best choice products” one and one buttcheek in it cracked! So you do get what you pay for. This one is sturdy and stronger and doesn’t have a weird chemical smell like the cheap version.

Again, if you’re huge like me, way over 450 then for sure give this a try. We even had one delivered to vegas and then took it home on the plane as a checked bag… now i have 3. Thank goodness we have a lot of fat friends.

Seriously though…. LIFE CHANGER!

PS- if you think you wont be able to et put or it’ll flip, shush, you can do it and it will not flip. When you first put it on it looks too high, trust me it’ll stretch and be perfect!


Cami Meegan
5.0 out of 5 stars

Don’t plan on getting anything done ever again!
April 17, 2015
Color: Salsa with Charcoal Frame|Style: Cotton|Verified Purchase
A few things you should know about me regarding this review:
1. I was lazy to begin with but this is just ridiculous
2. As it turns out, I really DO enjoy being encased like a banana
3. I’m a 175 lb. female in my 40s
4. I haven’t had it long so I can’t comment on durability over time
5. I got the cotton one with the Charcoal frame and Salsa print
6. I INTENTLY research any purchase over $100 for days, sometimes weeks, before buying
7. This is ridiculously long because I want to address as many concerns as possible


I did have some trouble putting it together but I didn’t have any WD40 and that would have helped immensely. It isn’t that it’s HARD to assemble, it’s just awkward with one person when the holes that are supposed to line up are on the bottom.

You need to twist them in (mine fit a little tight but no banging or modifications were necessary) and it’s hard for one person to hold both pieces AND see the holes at the same time.

Once assembled, the feet weren’t flat on the ground so I switched them. One reviewer (bless his heart!) had mentioned that though they look identical, the feet are not interchangeable (or were backwards, not sure).

However, once switched, one side would not fit in far enough to get the screw in, so I flipped it and it fit much better. Some reviewers claim that this distinction was made in their instructions, however, mine did not.

When I do take it apart again (probably not until the end of summer), I WILL use WD40 to make the process go more smoothly next time.

Size of Frame:

My balcony is 10×6’, including the 44” railing. I measured and re-measured, hoping like hell this would fit. It does, with several inches to spare. I do have to step over it to get in and out of the door. when the sling is attached but I have plenty of room to swing (I have it on the diagonal to also fit a small patio table and one chair).

And I’m enjoying every minute of it. Once the sling is taken down, it really takes up hardly any space, it’s just a stand on either side with a short bar between (about 4 ft). Without the sling attached, I could easily bring out the other chair and enjoy the balcony as if the hammock isn’t even there.

Size of Fabric:

I’m not tiny and I can wrap it fully around myself for a snooze. I feel like I’m hiding in a fort (I like to cover my face and all), only outside, in public.

Like a villain. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to yell out, “you can’t see me!” when a passerby walks the sidewalk path near my apartment. I’ve said too much.

My favorite position is lying perpendicular; I get the best swing action that way. I don’t know that I could stretch my legs all the way out without my head hanging off. but I like at least one foot on the ground (or at least poking out to hit the railing) to keep the motion going anyway.


I’m a side-sleeper so I was a little worried it would be uncomfortable on my side. Not at all! (Villains don’t sleep on their backs, you have to be ready to spring into action at any given moment.

Besides, what kind of freak would I be yelling at strangers while lying on my back?) It might be more comfortable with a small pillow but my outdoor pillow is too fat so I’m more comfortable without.

I couldn’t sleep on my back if I tried on a bed but it’s all I can do to stay awake in this thing no matter W

HAT weird position I manage to try. I do have back problems and, as others have mentioned, not having any pressure points is a wonderful thing! I really didn’t understand how that was possible, given the nature of a hammock (you’d think the weight would all be at the bottom) but it really doesn’t work that way, at least it doesn’t feel like it.

Though reviewers have reported that it stays cool, I really couldn’t imagine how that would be possible, given the durability and thickness of the fabric necessary to serve its purpose. It’s true.

I think it’s made of magic thread though because I can lie in full sun and cover up in it and it blocks the sun very well but lets the breeze through with ease. That being said, on a chilly night, your hiney WILL get cold so you’ll definitely need a blanket underneath.


I haven’t tried the multiple-person test yet and personally. I’m a little afraid to try it (but I will, cuz that’s how I roll).

The support beams rock a bit when I drop my big can in so I’m planning to ease my daughter in with me ever-so-softly the next time she drops by.

Of course, that’s not much of a test, I think she’s about 140 lbs, if that. It doesn’t move at all when my 40 lb dog jumps in with me though so maybe it’s okay.

Common Issues:

I’ve only had the problem of the ropes rubbing on the screws twice; once when first assembled and it was still on the loosest setting (that didn’t last long!), and once when I was too high up on one side. I guess I could raise it another notch and that would likely fix the problem but I don’t mind staying in the middle and I kinda like it low so the dog can jump in easily.

Mine didn’t come rusted or with faulty welding but one supporting arm does lean a bit to one side (yes, BEFORE I plopped my can into it!). I’m not sure if that’s normal or I’m just a tad on the OCD side but I’ve messaged the company to make sure it isn’t a big deal. I suspect it won’t be.

I haven’t had mine long but so far I’ve had no trouble with the metal inserts in the rope ends coming out. Perhaps this will be a problem after I wash it?

Mine does not teeter or bump when I swing.

I bring mine inside at night (unless I’m in it) so it’s never gotten wet. Not the whole frame, that would go against my lazy nature, just the cloth part. I hang it on a hook I installed on the wall near the balcony doors.


I haven’t crammed it into the carrying bag yet as I plan to leave it right where it is until it gets too cold to use outside. Even then, I’m already plotting to find an indoor spot for him to live during the off-season.

Other reviewers would be of more help on that topic but I laid out the bag next to the box and they’re the same size so I don’t see how it could NOT fit. (51” x 10” x 7”) The entire contents weigh 33 lbs. I live on the second floor and didn’t have any trouble getting it upstairs by myself, if that helps.

The Amazon A-Z warranty is good for one month.

The seller’s warranty, as included in writing in the box, guarantees the hammock, stand, and parts “to be free from defects in material and workmanship” but not abuse or regular wear-and-tear.

Others who have had problems after the first month have reported nothing but delightful customer service and immediate replacements from the company. On the warranty they have their email address, toll-free 800 phone number, and physical address to contact them with any claims.

In fact, they’re plastered all over everything in the box, including the instruction sheet (which is separate) and the carrying bag (which also has the instructions sewn to it).

Despite other reviewers discussing their excitement upon arriving home from work and finding it had been delivered by their door, I stayed home all day to make sure I didn’t have to sign or anything (I didn’t really have anything better to do anyway).

They didn’t even ring the bell, they just left the box.

If I lived in a shady neighborhood I’m not sure I’d appreciate that but since my fat face was glued to the window all day in anticipation, it didn’t really affect me.

I was a bit perturbed that the pattern I chose was more expensive than the others but then, I do have really great taste so I’m not surprised it’s the most popular. Not really, apparently Salsa is the new print this year (yeah, I called, I TOLD you I research extensively!). I LOVE it, it’s just beautiful!

To me, it seemed the most tropic all (which is ironic because they actually HAVE one called tropical) and I wanted it to look festive and summery. I did notice that the prices change quite a bit from day to day though so if you have your eye on one, check back several times to get the best price.

However, I would expect the prices to rise now that summer is coming so I wouldn’t wait too long!


Off the topic side notes:

Mosquitos are really bad around here so I also bought a Patio Egg to ward them off. They aren’t ALL gone, but I have noticed a considerable drop. I also ordered some Kinven mosquito-repellant bracelets/anklets, hoping they might help for when I sleep out there.

I can’t say they work or they don’t (the anklets) but I haven’t gotten any bites so far, but then, it’s early in the season so we’ll see.

No matter, they’re just lovely so I’m happy with them whether they actually do anything or not. My big plan is to refill the egg (when I run out of the fluid that comes with it) and soak the anklet in essential oils and see if that helps.

My balcony is full-sun from about 1pm until sunset and I really wanted to be able to use my hammock all afternoon without roasting so I bought a fabric shower curtain and hung it on the west side with a shower rod and shower rings.

The wind is wicked bad out there sometimes so I just wrap the bottom around the rungs of the railing to hold it where I want it.

No one from the apt. manager’s office has said anything so far but you might want to check first.

Just to be on the safe side, I do wrap it on the edge closest to the building when I’m not using it. Sneaky!

I can’t keep my balcony light on at night without attracting bugs so I use the light from my essential oils diffuser (set on yellow). I suppose I could invest in a yellow bug light bulb but I like the subtle light better anyway, otherwise I feel like everyone can see me (and villains don’t like that).


Well, I’ve had my lovely hammock for a few years now and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

I used it for the first year as-is but sprayed all the bars of the frame with rust-proof sealant (and then WD-40 after the sealant was dry) before assembling it for the next year.

By the way, WD-40 did it’s magic and re-assembling was a breeze! It’s in absolutely perfect condition. I leave the frame outside from the beginning of spring to the end of fall every year so while it IS under a balcony roof and mostly sheltered.

The roof faces south so he’s endured quite a bit of rain, the occasional snow, and crazy high winds- all without issue. As mentioned before, I bring the cloth hammock part inside whenever I’m not in it (or planning to use it again that day) so it’s never gotten wet.

 also have not washed it yet, as I haven’t felt the need.

I certainly did gently lower my lil tater into the hammock with me and found that it can easily handle both of us with the dog. We have no reserves whatsoever about plopping into it anymore and I feel perfectly confident that it can easily hold 300+ lbs (me 180 lbs + her 140 lbs + dog 40 lbs= 360).

The fabric has stretched over time but, well, heh heh, you’ll have that. I believe that when I wash it the fabric will tighten back up but it hasn’t been an issue at all and it’s still not on the highest setting, and our butts aren’t dragging the floor or anything.

I guess it goes without saying that it does easily fit into the storage bag provided. It’s a good, sturdy bag, too, perfect for hauling it around if you choose to.

I don’t, I just disassemble it and put it back in the bag to put it away for winter but it doesn’t seem flimsy at all or that it won’t last a million years.

As for the metal inserts coming out of the ropes where it connects to the frame; they have come out a few times while taking the hammock out of the frame but it’s no big deal.

They go right back in and have never come out while anyone was using the hammock, and I don’t see how they could. Again, I think this is just because of the fabric loosening over time and will likely shrink right back up when washed.

Either way, as long as they are in place when the hammock is placed on the frame’s pegs, they should be fine. I’m not even entirely convinced they’re necessary at all, but just a measure to preserve the ropes.

I did contact the seller about the slightly leaning beam on one side and they told me to let them know if it causes any problems but that it wasn’t a structural issue. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever and I really put it to the test so I think we’re good.

I’m a little peeved that I paid $141.86 (with free shipping) for this little beauty over two years ago and it’s gotten so much cheaper now but I can’t say I’m sorry one bit.

As I mentioned before, I paid quite a bit extra to have this particular color pattern (Salsa [because it was new that year]) so I guess I can’t complain.

I got exactly what I wanted and it was well worth the price difference to have it for those two summers (not counting this summer, this will be third) so I’m still very happy.

I got it when I did. One of my favorite things to do on this earth is to lie in my hammock on a beautiful day and listen to audiobooks with my headphones while my silly dog scours the horizon for tiny creatures to entertain him!

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