The 7 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Test Reviews Of 2020

How well each robotic vacuum removes surface area particles on low-pile carpet and on bare floorings.

How to choose the Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in 2020?

For quite some time, I wanted to give you a little guidance on purchasing Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. After days of testing, and hours of research we condensed the following information. We filtered & share with you today the 7 best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner test results.  Review what matters to you.

So let’s jump right in and get on with it. After the day that robotic vacuums were presented, home cleaning has never been the same again. Due to its streamlined design and advanced technology, folks are hitting the marketplace to buy their own robotic vacuum. However, is the gadget worth it? We prepared a short list of motivators to go through with the purchase.

Compact Design.

The robotic vacuum is a flat, disk-shaped gadget. It’s flat so it can go under furnishings. It would reach all those locations the regular vacuum can’t. So there’s no requirement to move couches, stools, and low-set tables. It’s made disk-shaped so it can walk around furnishings legs and wall corners efficiently, cleansing as it goes. It has bumpers too to take in possible crash with a strong gadget along with its method.

Performance Matters.

Let’s face it. Robotic vacuums have actually come a long way. And the most recent versions have more powerful suction, as well as much better edge-cleaning abilities than their forerunners. You also no longer need to invest $1,000s of dollars to get a good quality product.

However, cleaning up is hard. And that’s probably one of the key reasons for getting a robotic housemaid.

According to the test engineers of the “Consumer Reports,”  the robotic brush cleaning and vacuum suction power can’t compare to the power of the standard vacuums. However, with the help of a robotic vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to keep your floor space dust and grid-free.

Further Mrs. Booth, (one of the test engineers who manages our vacuum tests) stated

“For day-to-day cleaning of surface area particles, a robotic vacuum can work wonders– Certainly, if you pick one among the premier models that is.

The Performance Test

Mrs. Booth and her team focus their examinations on the following three points:

  • How well each robotic vacuum removes surface area particles on the low-pile carpet and on bare flooring’s.
  • Whether it can enter into tight corners
  • As well as the exact time each model required to complete cleanup of the test area.

That’s right: Our engineers sat and watched each vacuum carry out a complete job cycle, while they tracked every second to its completion.

As we compared the results the following things became crystal clear to me:

If you’re considering purchasing one of these little helpers, you must consider your floor covering. Because some units are much better on the carpet than the others. And vice versa, others do great on the bare floor like Ceramic Tile, Sheet Flooring, and Hardwood or Laminate. 

The Type of Dirt Matters

In addition to the floor finishes in your home, the type of dirt fragments are important. Do you have to remove animal hair or small child spills?  Listed below, in alphabetical order– not by rank– are the 7 best test results across the bench from the robotic vacuum tests.

7 best robotic vacuum cleaner based on our tests.

Robotics, simply by its undertone, need to be genuinely costly. Owning one for individual use appears like a high-end. Well, not this one. Believe it or not, iRobot’s – Roomba varies from $250 to $450. It has actually undoubtedly ended up being inexpensive.

Now, you might be totally convinced to buy your own robotic vacuum. And that is totally okay. However, my last tip to you is to keep an eye on the cost of ownership.  For example, The Brava from Barina is a mopping type vacuum and it uses wipes similar to those “Swifter’s”  So make sure that your new helper is not only reasonably priced for your purchase. As well as cost-sensitive during its use.

I hope this short article will help you to make a good and informed decision, at least as to what brand Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will be cleaning your home’s floors for you. And it will be great to hear back from you and see if you are happy with your purchase.

Eufy RoboVac 11S 

Shop Amazon $169.99

Like we mentioned before there is no need to spend thousands of dollars for a good robotic vacuum cleaner. And the Eufy RoboVac 11S is there no exemption. Costs are usually around $200. What will earn you a Very Good rating in our carpet cleaning test and even better on bare floor’s? Like most robotic vacuums it is quiet even though it is not the most efficient one. On the plus side, it has a so-called “cliff sensor” that keeps it from falling down the stairs. You should also know that the RoboVac 11S sometimes misses or even scatters debris



Eufy RoboVac 11S Max


The 11S Max from Eufy runs longer on a battery charge than the 11S (above) and the 30C (below) around 90 minutes. This robotic vacuum cleaner does not come with any WiFi-enabled functions. And lacks for some reason the great navigation capabilities that the two brothers posses. Still, … for the price of about $270 on Amazon it earns an Excellent Rating for cleaning bare floors, which is no small feat.

Eufy 30C   


Eufy 30C The super quiet vacuum is perfect for those who like to run a robotic vacuum while they’re home. It is so quiet, that we sometimes could not tell if it was still on and running.
Is Sold by Walmart for $278.00 As well as Amazon for $285.00

The super quiet vacuum is perfect for those who like to run a robotic vacuum while they’re home. It is so quiet, that we sometimes could not tell if it was still on and running.

Plus given the fact that the C30 from Eufy is actually one of the cheaper class vacuums, it really earns an Excellent Rating for bare floors. Plus it is compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa an is programmable through the manufacturer’s app. What places it next to the upper-class vacuum like the LG Hom-Bot.

iRobot Roomba e5

With 20 years in the making, the iRobot Roomba e5 is one of our top models. With an Excellent Ratings for surface cleaning of carpets & bare floors. And with a price tag clearly below the $500 mark, it stayed affordable and in the middle price range. The Roomba only misses the remote control or Wi-Fi features. However, you can schedule the cleaning task and times from an app and review its cleaning pattern after it’s finished. 

LG HOM-BOT Wi-Fi Enabled CR5765GD


The LG Hom-Bot CR5765GD is not only the most expensive Robot-Vacuum but also a force to reckon with. In our tests, it earns an Excellent rating for bare floors. The Hom-Bot adjusts its suction to the type of floor it’s cleaning.

In order to operate this vacuum, you’ll need to download the manufacturer’s app, further you can give certain voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

As an additional feature, the Hom-Bot can detect movement in your home and can take photos or a short video of your space, and send it to your phone. More like a Spy Robot than a replacement for a home security system. But maybe LG is still cooking on something.

Samsung POWERbot R7040

$349.00 @ Home Depot [email protected]

You should know that the Samsung R7040 costs a few hundred dollars less than Samsung’s high-performing R7065, below. The operating time of about 50 min falls also almost 40 minutes short of its bigger brother. However, you would still purchase a great piece of equipment, because both models earn an Excellent rating for bare floors and carpet cleaning.


Samsung POWERbot R7065 VR2AM7065WS/AA


The sleek Samsung Powerbot earns high marks, and Excellent rating for bare floors & carpets.

With an average price of $600.00 you can purchase this model from:

Amazon  Best Buy  Lowes

The sleek Samsung Powerbot earns high marks and Excellent rating for bare floors & carpets.

You need to know that the higher price range comes with a few design details that separate the Powerbot from the rest of the competition.

Equipped with so-called shutter brushes, that extends deep down, to sweep up any dirt near a wall. The Samsung far exceeds the models with side brushes, which most times just scatter the debris.

As for suction-power, the Samsung Powerbot is able to pick up fine grains of sand and embedded pet hair from carpets. However, you will have to manually clean the pet hair from the vacuum brush.

Either way, you could spend a lot more of your money on a Robo-Vac and still not get close to this level of performance.

Free up your time.

You can activate your robot from your smart-phone. And your robotic vacuum will do its work… so you can return home to a shiny and tidy space. There are also models that can work a set schedule.

But no worry, there are also options that don’t need any unique switches or setups.  You can turn it on and let it complete its task required. Simply push the button, and the robotic vacuum will begin cleaning up without any further guidance.

The more advanced models will clean the space arbitrarily, utilizing its random algorithm. All models we tested will re-charge their battery power if the charge should go low. Some models also clean themselves. And leave you without any requirement to find the vacuum after it’s done cleaning. Because it simply is on its docking station waiting for your next cleaning mission.

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Our list should get updated every year. However, you can also go to Consumer Reports

Source: C.R.