5 Decorating Rules of Lighting – How to Make Homes Look Great


Lighting is a difficult part when it concerns design. You need to think of different fixtures, recessed lighting, light bulbs, wattage, temperature, lamps – there’s so much to think about! The right Light impacts the state of mind and energy in your house, and it should not be an afterthought. Fortunately for you, we’re here to examine examine the Rules of Lighting and provide you with ideas on how to alter your lighting for the best appearance.

And the most common error we see is when homeowners put little to no thought into their home’s lighting landscape and instead count on the overhead lighting to brighten every spot. That is definitely not going to help your house look its best.

The Rules of Lighting

  1. Initially, do not rely only on the overhead lighting to brighten your space.
  2. Actually, you should attempt to have two to three light sources in every area. To bring more light into your room,
  3. consider floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps to get a little extra light into your rooms. To actually make an area feel well-lit and cozy,
  4. position these lights in essential locations around a space.
  5. And likewise, attempt to put them on various levels of lighting, such as low, medium, or high.

An example approach is to have a fixture on the ceiling, sconces on your wall, and a table lamp.

This is the best mix for a layered appearance, and it equally distributes the light throughout the space. You can use similar lighting Ideas for each of your rooms throughout your house.

In your living room, use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting with a dimmer.

In your bedroom, where you want the light to be very comfortable, choose sconces or table lamps.

5 Decorating Rules of Lighting - How to Make Homes Look Great How to use sconces in your bedroom
Light Fixture Details

A kitchen is a good place for clean and brilliant overhead lighting, with extra lights for your cabinets.


And for your bathroom, consider overhead lighting with additional lighting near your mirror.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are just as important as the lighting fixtures themselves! Choosing the ideal light bulb for your home is where the process gets a bit trickier. You have to consider wattage, kelvins, and lumens. If you aren’t sure what any of this complicated jargon means, we are here to teach how to work with the many different kinds of light bulbs. Using the right bulb ensures that you are maximizing the lighting throughout your home.

Hargodman Lighting Incandescent Bulbs 
5 Decorating Rules of Lighting - How to Make Homes Look Great
Hargodman Lighting Incandescent Bulbs

We typically choose LED bulbs due to the fact that they last longer and they’re energy-efficient. The innovation of these bulbs has evolved significantly, and they now have a wide variety of colors and brightness. If you would rather have a look that isn’t too yellow or too blue, consider soft-white bulbs, which are generally 2700 Kelvin. The greater the Kelvin, the bluer the light appears. That why 2700 is the perfect color, in our opinion.

Do Not Forget Dimmers & Smart Technology!

Dimmers are always an excellent concept, and they aren’t too challenging to change from a typical switch. A dimmer enables you to alter your amount of lighting based upon the state of mind or activity in the area. Put overhead lights on a dimmer whenever you can, and you can even put floor or table lamps on a dimmer. Hook your lights up with your smart device so you can dim and switch on and off with voice commands. Using these smart home devices allows you to quickly and conveniently change the mood of your lighting.


You should be all set to display your house in a lovely light simply follow the 5 rules of lighting. And with a couple of more lights, the ideal bulbs, and possibly some smart tech, you can develop a look that is dreamy and multidimensional. Your home is going to be perfectly lit in no time!

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