How to select The Best Home Design Software?

Saved Image by Kitchen Designer  a home design Software.
Saved Image by Kitchen Designer

Putting 183 Home Design Software Applications To The Test

Since there are so many different software options and levels, shopping for the right program could be overwhelming at first glance. Therefore nine of us set out to test drive about twenty Apps, for five days each. As a result, we condensed the 183 tested contestants to what we call the top 101 home design software. More details below

We noted each of the following points in a spreadsheet

  • Available Apps (Android, Apple, Windows, Mac or Online)
  • User-friendliness
  • 2D – 3D Display Options
  • Free Functions
  • options to save projects
  • Sharing options

To avoid getting lost in confusion it is best to focus on your planned project. What I mean is you should first look at home design software that works for the space you like to design.

Keep in mind that the more complex the software is (thinking of CAD or Chief Architect) than higher the required learning curve will be.

Home Design Software Image - Bathroom Design

For most of you, the lighter versions will work just fine. Especially when you realize that nowadays even those light versions come with three-dimensional layout options.

And their graphic output that is so close to real-life experience, that they look like photo quality. Only virtual rooms are a step above and more realistic.

With such high-quality home design software, you are no longer limited to simply selecting paint colors. These home design apps will let you place various furniture pieces throughout the designed space. Additionally, you can choose finishes, décor, and multiple lighting options. And on top of that, you are able to save and share the process on multiple room designs at once.

At This Point You Probably Wonder – How Much Such Home Design Software Would Cost?

home design software 3D layout
Home Design Software 3D Layout

How does FREE sound to you? …. BS? I don’t think so…

  • We bring you the Top 103 Home Design Software Applications
  • And display 157-App Functions to cover each area of your home.
  • The apps are sorted by Space like Bathroom Planner or kitchen Designer,
  • We offer all free, paid upgrades and paid software options.
  • You can find room designers, space planners, and visualizers.
  • We provide solutions for Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac,
  • As well as web-based home design software (nothing to download).

We tried each app (it took us forever) and highlighted the features.

Our list of applications covers mobile solutions for Android and Apple, computer software for Windows or Mac, as well as web-based applications.

And we included the download links for each available operating system, as well as a link to the product video.

So, to answer your price question I must say it ranges anywhere from Free to several $100s of dollars. It all is more depending on featured functions than its quality.

You would think that a less expensive software program, obviously, will not offer as many features or is of poor quality. However, some of the big box stores like Lowes or IKEA use their apps to improve sales and it only makes sense to offer those apps for free.

On the down side, you as a consumer will be confined to their products.

We recommend that when you try to select the “right”  home design software, meaning the one that is just right for you, to take your time and try each of the free software options.

After a while, you will find the one that seems to be the most user-friendly or easiest to work with. And perhaps, if the need arises, you will upgrade that free version and pay to unlock some more features.


Have fun trying the different levels of software including architectural series, a pro series, and a home series. And consider adding your own review below in the comment section.

And share with us whether or not you purchased the software.

One thing is certain, each of these home design software titles tries to make the design process simple for the homeowner as well as the professional designer.

Our Company at least has greatly benefited from providing easy-to-use home design apps.

And choosing your home design software will turn designing your home features into a fun adventure. No matter your skill level is, you can undertake that long-awaited home project today.

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For any further questions, you can either answer them here or DM me.