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TOP HOME DESIGN – Storage Organization

A closet is a significant portion of your home and you will love our guide to maximize your Storage – Organization. And enjoyment through one simple DIY process. You can easily expand the usage of your closet.

Simply by utilizing the area below your top shelves by adding some custom Storage – Organization.

You will need only a few comen tools to get started:

The first step involves measuring the area so sure you will need a tape measure, pencil, and paper to write down your measurements.

I also recommend having a level handy. Because it will help you to mount shelving brackets in a professional matter plumb and level.

Closet Storage – Organization Systems come in all types of shapes and materials.

You’ll love our vast amount of materials and finishes in countless designs in our storage and organizers department.

If you are not very experienced in woodworking. Or other construction and fabrication methods. I would recommend choosing a shelving system or kit that are already cut or even prefabricated. Because those only require very basic skills and only some minor assembly.

You will be delighted that you spend some time to gather your measurements during your planning stage. Since they will come very handy as a reference for your purchase.

Those notes will help you also to communicate with the store clerk when visiting the home supplier nearest to you.

If you are on the other hand experienced in handling power tools. I am talking about a skill saw or even better if you own a miter-saw. Then you should more closely compare your material expenses.

You will love your savings by simply purchasing an 8’ or 12’ length wire shelf in comparison to 2 or 3 shelves that are pre-cut to 4’ long shelves.

Also, remember that, if you want to paint your closet. That you should accomplish this before installing any new shelving.

You will be filled with pride once you accomplished to paint job. And most likely you will feel pumped to complete your project.

And the beauty of it is, that if all goes well. You only need to do a very little touch up after your storage – organization system is completely installed.

Further, you will find that working this project in that order is often done in a breeze and will give you no problems in the least.

Creating that organized space in your closet generally is a one-time project.

Therefore you should take your time and plan it, simply configure how you like to use the available space. And think of ways to maximize your storage – organization effort.

Here is some food for thought before you get started.

You will find it amusing that the typical closets have either too many smaller shelves or not a sufficient amount at all. However, you will able to make use any giving situation.

Yes, even the small compartment can be utilized.  You can easily stuff those boxes with items you may use only during seasonal times, like sweaters, bathing suits, or Christmas Decoration.

As you should know if you plan to incorporate any closet system with doors for your closet. You need to verify that the desired clearance for those doors will be available to you.

No worry, if an inswinging closet door compromises your closet organizer, you have the option to easily implement a prefab bi-fold door that is very simple to install.