The Design Scrapbook Method – (The Old School Way)

I created my very first website to replace my old scrapbook. The main goal was back then to be able to show my new potential clients to style and quality level of work they could expect from me. And if you did read the about us section you will be familiar with my story.

However, I feel like that it may be beneficial to some readers to learn how this method works. Therefore I included it into my remodeling process

So, here we go …

1. purchase a cheap scrapbook. This book will certainly give you an area to collect all the project details.

2. Idea sources:

  • clip out images and ideas out of advertisements
  • product catalogs are a great source since they usually show full designs.
  • collect color cards from our local building supply store and place them with the corresponding area in your book.
  • Home shows are also nice to visit and you can take pictures or get product flyers from the vendors.
  • Magazines and brochures also include images that you may use.
  • Even include an image if you just like the design style

Put all products that you would like to be included in your finished project. As an example color comparison or sort of flooring.

You should also note prices along with the products. If they are freely available to you.

The scrapbook is sort of an replacement for our “Wish-List”.

If you are remodeling a whole house. You should give each room it’s own little section since it will be a separate project part.

Further you should break down the projects into sections.

Take for example a bathroom remodel. You should have illustrations of:.

wall color.
bath vanity.
shower/ bathtub.
light fixture.

Emphasis your collection on appearances, shades, designs as well as attributes.

This will assist you to create a far better picture of your final bathroom.

You should think of formats, unique styles as well as color.

Do not take this scrapbook lightly, we will certainly utilize it to configure your final design.

You should also brush up your knowledge about paint and colors.

I can’t stress this enough since colors are the most important part of your rooms design. Here you can learn more about the psychology of color and their best application.

As far as your selection of light-fixtures goes. You are better of to decide first what you will need and then look for the design.

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