The Project Scope

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About The Project Scope & Task List

Find Free Project Scopes & Task Lists. Discover the meat and potatoes that drives your project’s timetable & budget. Easily control Your DIY Project for free!

The Project Scope in other words, is a range of specified tasks that are to be performed in a formally order.

In other words, it is the core elements or meat and potatoes if you like that drives the project’s timetable as well as budget through our Proven Remodeling Process.

A closer look at this ” To Do List ” will show that this is a more detailed and advanced form of our Wish List.

Here you should find every project task required to complete your project,

Keep each task clean and clear in listing. So you can work and check your progress hassle-free as you proceed through those task details in your project.

Each Task and Sub Task has to be as specific as possible and include the To Do Task, What materials are to use and the allowed time frame to complete this Project Step.

Note: If you have actually employed an architect or designer, they will assist you with establishing a highly detailed project scope.

The Project Scope & Task List

Project Scope & Workflow

While the detailed accuracy in your project scope for each task is one thing. It is also best practice to keep the order of the to performed task also need to be sorted.

For example, you start building a house on the foundation and not at the roof. Workflow is in other words streamlining to workable actions. Considering the workflow / streamline will help to keep your project schedule shorter and can help reduce project costs.

Let’s take a look at the task list for a typical bathroom remodel.

  • Demolition & disposal of all existing pipes as well as likewise electric parts.
  • Demolition as well as disposal of all walls, ceiling and flooring.
  • Run brand-new warm & cold water lines.
  • Run electric wiring for new recessed lights.
  • Install lines for new convection warmth at tile floor covering.
  • Furnish as well as also install insulation to exterior wall surface.
  • Furnish as well as mount brand-new plaster board as well as skim layer.
  • Preparation prime and also paint new wall surfaces, ceiling and likewise trim.
  • Mount brand-new tile flooring. (Provided by owner).
  • Installation of new personalized millwork.
  • Furnish & Installation of new medication storage room
  • Installation of new plumbing supply and waste pipes & elements.
  • Mount new electric elements. (Given by owner).
  • Mount new cupboard equipment. (Provided by owner).

As you can see, counting on the extent as well as details of your project scope & task, the listing can happen to get incredibly long.

Project Scope is part of our project blueprint

Below you can find the order in what those tasks should be sorted. Since we are remodeling (changing) the demolition portions for each room or area will be the first task, that’s the fun part.

  1. Demolition & Removal
  2. Framing & Floor Plan Changes
  3. Mechanical: Electrical + Plumbing + HVAC Roughing work (new lines & features)
  4. Insulation
  5. Floor / Ceiling & Wall Finishes (Drywall & Paint)
  6. Mechanical Finish: Installation of features Light Fixtures, Plumbing Fixtures
  7. Millwork, Cabinetry, Decoration & Accessories

As you may noticed on the mechanical days I run electrical, plumbing and HVAC (if needed) all on the same time slot. because they can manage to stay out each others way and I usually subcontract those jobs out.

Pro Tip

It is simpler if you create Project Scopes by area or location at first and also after that compile as well as condense the information if you have a bigger job. Once again a spread out sheet or word file with columns functions well for this Task.

As an example:

Let’s say you have numerous locations being totally remodeled, you want the text line in the arrangement to say:
Demolition and additionally disposal of all wall surface areas, ceiling as well as likewise floor covering at washroom, kitchen area as well as additionally eating area.
This will give you a better idea of the demolition volume & dimension. Rather than having 4 small scopes that will not make clear that most is gutted out.

Marbled Master Bath By Kuhlmann & Son Construction

Do Not Cut Any Corners In Your Project Scope!

This is simply one of among one of the most essential steps of the Project Blueprint. It is precisely what drives the entire project from every element.

It additionally will definitely assist shield all occasions from economic commitments.
Not every little point is recognized right from the start. Situations obtain below, website issues reveal themselves and additionally adjustments are unpreventable. That being mentioned, the even more details provided from the begin the much less likely things are to be failed to remember or miss-communicated.

Ones you gathered as well as documented all the included project jobs. You can quickly determine if you will really do all these task on your own. Or if you would need to obtain you some professional help.

Bear in mind that some task can take significantly longer if you are not exactly sure just how to finish them. This can be crucial if you are renovating your kitchen or a master bath. Keep in mind that since you loose making use of this space you need to have alternatives.

And this alone can add to the burden and financial expense through most of the redesigning process. However, if you are aware that you need to eat out more often or be stuck with TV dinners, it enables you to prepare an adequate budget plan.

the project scope will help you to keep your project control. It directly relates to the schedule and indirectly to your overall project costs

Creating A Budget is the next vital step in our procedure.

And we will discuss it along with the chapter on exactly how a job schedule can assist keep your investing strategy on target.

You probably already figured at least one or two Tasks that you do not do on your own. That means that for some components of your project you will certainly take a pro on board. But No worries I will assist you directly through the whole contractor hiring process as well. And also I will certainly share with you my simple 5 actions system to work with the right professional.

Soon, we will be at the point where you receive your proposals. And where we prepare and finalize your Budget.

But first we will have to drill more down on our Task at hand and include the Project Schedule.