Vanity Lights

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Vanity lighting

Vanity lights are the very best lighting for restrooms. You can have several components in the space, each serving a various function. Vanity lights that include upward-facing tones supply ambient lighting while those that have downward-facing tones (or no tones at all) use required job lighting.

Your vanity light’s size and/or variety of lights depends upon the size of your restroom and the quantity of light required. Nevertheless, for a lot of restrooms, a three-light component will generally work.

There are 2 typical methods of organizing your vanity lights.

1: Use 2 lighting fixtures and place them on either side of your vanity’s mirror. This guarantees even lighting on both sides of your face.

Best place the sconces’ mountings 60-65 inches (1.65 meters) from the flooring to keep them at eye level.

2: Use a single vanity light above your vanity’s mirror. Step the width of your mirror and determine 3/4 that width. This must be the length of your main vanity light.